A christmas carol




Christmas story

Once upon a time, Santa Claus’ Alpha-reindeer Rudolf was stolen.  Frost stole Santa’s head-reindeer, Rudolf. Frost was a cruel, ice-cold villain. He took Rudolf to his- castle, in the Artic. Santa and his elf’s travelled to the North Pole, to search for Frost and Rudolf. However, when they got to Frost’s castle, they could not find them. Therefore, they travelled back to Greenland, and tried to make a plan, on how to find Frost and Rudolf.

When Santa and the elf’s got home, they found out, that Frost had also stolen Santa’s cane. The plan was now to use his super-GPS, to track down Frost. They found out, that Frost was in a small cottage, in a forest, on the North Pole. Santa took his ATV Christmas Edition, and he travelled back to the North Pole, where he found Frost’s cottage. Santa smashed into the room on his ATV Christmas edition.


 He walked over to Frost, and said: “Where is Rudolf!?” Frost laughed, and said: ”How am I supposed to know?” Santa said: ”If you don’t show me where Rudolf and the Cane is, I will dip you in my hot chocolate tub. “Not if I freeze you first!” Frost said. “I don’t care. I love when it’s cold.” Santa answered. Then, Frost fired an ice-ray at him, and Santa got freezed by the rays. Frost walked out of the cottage, laughing.

Frost travelled back to his castle with Rudolf and the Cane. Santa escaped from the ice block, and found out, that he was still in the cottage, in the middle of nowhere. Santa found his jet-powered Cane, and flied home to Greenland.

When Santa came home, the elf’s all cried out. “Santa, Santa! The Present-Maker 2000 is broken!” Santa ran into his workshop. He saw smoke coming out the machine. Santa ran to find Mrs.


Santa in the Head-Cottage. She asked: “What’s wrong sweet-heart?” “The Present-Maker 2000 is broken! I bet this is Frost’s work!” Santa answered his wife. Mrs. Santa said : “I did though see a shadow, sneaking around last night… Could that really be Frost?” Santa nodded in agreement. “Oh my!” she gasped. They walked back to the workshop, and found out, that Frost had lost the key to his castle. Santa thought, that if he gave Frost the key back, Frost would fix the Present-Maker 2000, and give back Rudolf and the Cane. Santa called Frost, and told him, that he got the key to the castle. Frost said:” I have an idea. If I give you Rudolf and the Cane back, you’ll give me the key.” Santa said:” No! Fix my Present-Maker 2000, and then, we can talk about deals.” “Okay. That’s a deal.” Frost said.


 “Get home to me, and fix the Present-Maker 2000, and give me back what’s mine.” Santa said. “Fine. I’ll visit you tomorrow morning.” Frost muttered.

The next morning, Frost came to Santa’s home. He got welcomed by Santa’s wife. Frost and Mrs. Claus met Santa in the workshop, and Santa said: “That was about time! Fix The Present-Maker 2000!” “Cool down a bit! I’ll fix your machine, and then I’ll exchange Rudolf and the Cane.” Frost said. He got over to the broken machine, and looked at it. He turned some wheels and pressed some buttons, and the Present-Maker 2000 was fixed. Frost waved his hand, and Rudolf ran into the workshop. The Cane now stood, in Santa’s garage, with no damage. Frost sighed, and flew away, out of the window. Christmas was saved! Santa coul now, bring all the presents out to the children of the world.

Merry Christmas everyone! Ho ho ho ho!

The endsss

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