Little Lies

Taylor Littlewood, is a 10 year old girl, who is rich and grew up without a mom. She doesn't helpline she is though. When her Dad moves her out of her big room, and into a box one, he says it's so she doesn't become snobby. And she almost believes him.

Come with Elsie to find her mom and uncover all the 'Little Lies' she's been told...


1. Moved out

"Taylor!" Dad called.

"Yeah?" I called back quickly, so he didn't get angry.

"Come down here, I think we need to talk!"

I raced down the stairs, and skidded in front of Dad, who was in the hallway. 

"You're moving into the little room," he said calmly "Your room is way too big and full of toys."

My mouth fell open. Move into the BOX ROOM!!! He had to be joking!

"And most of you're toys will be taken away too." WHAT!!! I was about to scream at him, he couldn't just spring things on me like that! Then I realised, if I wanted to try to stop this silly idea, I had to act just as calm as he was.

"Now Daddy," I began "Little girls like me, need their space, when the SAT's tests arrive," And I was right, the DAY's WERE nearly here " and in that room, I'll have hardly any!" He looked at me with a cross expression.

"See, Taylor, this is what I'm talking about! Other girls sleep in rooms like that, and from now on, so will you! You can pick ONE toy to 

keep-but- and ONLY ONE!!!" I glared at him, and with that, I stomped out of the room, with my head facing the floor...


Hi guys! Do u like it so far? I know she sounds a bit snobbish, but how would you feel if YOU'RE dad sprung something like that on you all at once? Luv u guys!

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   ( -.- )


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