Aunts cousins dads daughters son

Your Aunts cousins dads daughters son is Caspar lee famous youtuber and your crazy for his room mate I wonder if your Aunts cousins dads daughters son could make joe sugg fall for u


1. 1

Your aunts cousins so annoying now your aunts cousins dad has look after you gosh your 22 year old no1 needs to looks after you.


Susan's pov

The door went I answered it great my Aunts cousins dad with a girl who looked about 30/40 he said someone to talk to the man looked about 80 and just watched the news the whole time meanwhile I made pizza with marmite on the woman followed me and said no way u like this everyone calls me insane I replied saying no way I get called mad then followed by any way hey my names Susan white, the woman said crystal lee I replied saying I love that name then she said after I have a son who around you age called Caspar... I froze for a while Caspar lee that sounds like a... She cut me off saying youtuber u can met him and his roommate Joe sugg tomorrow if u want. I replied saying definitely.



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