You only get one


4. the mistake

Mya's p.o.v

He's still holding me ...

"Um Harry... Would you mind putting me down for a sec??" I said calmly

"Sure thing love "Harry said smiling back

He's lowly put me down as if he was unsure if he was doing the right thing , without a second to spare I ran out if the room as fast as I could and ran into the basement It was very cute but just before I could find a place to hide Harry came running full speed down the stairs after me .

" what the hell mya !"

I giggled and ran away

"MYA!" Harry screamed

" what!? "

" get ..the ..fuck...over here " harry said clenching his jaw

I walked over to him but before I could say anything he slapped me and I fell to the floor and all went black.

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