You only get one


3. Harry's love

Myas p.o.v

I woke up with a pair of arms around my waist " what the ...." I didn't get to finish before I heard a Irish voice say ..." Morning babe "

Before I could say anything harry came in yelling " what the hell are you doing with my girl ??"harry screamed ... Wait did he just call me his girl :3

Harry's p.o.v

I was so pissed all I wanted to do was kill Niall and take Mya to my room and f@&$ her so she knows who's boss

"Haha harry she's not yours ! , and she's not mine we where just sleeping and you came in all grumpy "

I punched Niall and grabbed mya and was holding her like a baby ..... My baby, no harry ! You just met her she doesn't like you ! ...or does she ?

( srry for this chapter 😫 I'm like half awake , I'll wright a longer chapter later )

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