Little Lies

A story about Niall and a girl named Emily. Will they trust each other or lie? Read Little Lies to find out what happens to Emily or what Niall does if he is without her.

(btw this will be my first book so don't judge if its really bad, im not the best writer.... :/)


2. The First Day of Year 12

As I walked over to my locker I could see the principal walking towards me. When he got here he asked me if I could show around the new kid, his name was Niall Horan. "Oh yeah I remember seeing that guy!" I replied to the principal. "I would be happy to take him around the school :)"

"Good I'm happy you want to do this!" The principal told me. As he walked off I looked towards the wall where Niall was standing and he gave me this stare that almost made me fall for him! He was so handsome and cute and everything a girl could ever dream of. I don't even know why I'm thinking this, he is probably taken anyways and I'm to ugly for him! I bet he thinks that I'm fugly. :(

Niall's POV:

Omfg I just got moved to another school and on the first day, what do I find? A beautiful girl, she is the prettiest girl I have ever seen! I think I might be falling for her already!?!?! Hopefully we could be friends.. wait I dont know maybe she already has a boyfriend, I mean she is probably the prettiest girl in the school after all.

Wait, is she walking up to me!?!? :O OMG SHE IS!

When she got to me I asked her what she was doing talking to me, she said, "I'm going to be showing you around the school silly! xD"  

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