Little Lies

A story about Niall and a girl named Emily. Will they trust each other or lie? Read Little Lies to find out what happens to Emily or what Niall does if he is without her.

(btw this will be my first book so don't judge if its really bad, im not the best writer.... :/)


1. My Morning Routine

Emily's POV:

I had just gotten out of bed with the worst bed hair in the world. "First day of school today," I thought to myself. I wasn't to fond of school to be honest, it was 6 am and I was heading over to the shower to find my 12 year old brother in the bathroom taking an enormous shit. I knocked on the door and yelled out, "Hurry up in there I need to take a shower!"

Zac replied, "fine but its not going to be my fault if you hate the smell in there.. ;)"

I walked in there to this revolting smell.. "I think I'm going to throw up... !" I will just have to put up with it. I walk towards the shower and then it hit me, I'm just going to spray some perfume everywhere to make the stink go away :) that'll do the trick! I grabbed out my favourite bottle of perfume that smelt like daisy's and sprayed It about 50 times for that smell to go away and then the room smelt wonderful! "Finally! I can take a shower," I said to myself. I quickly got unchanged and hopped into the shower, "ahhh," the shower was the perfect temperature and it felt so nice.

After I had my shower I got out and then got changed into my favourite shorts and singlet and then put on some natural make up on to cover up my flaws.

For breakfast I had an omelette with tomato, cheese and some spices to make it taste delicious. By the time I had finished eating my breakfast and getting ready it was 7:45 am, good thing I lived close to my school. I drove to school in my moms cheap Festiva. When I got there it was 7:55 am and I just started to head to class when I noticed a really cute new guy. I think his name was Niall.


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