Little Lies

A story about Niall and a girl named Emily. Will they trust each other or lie? Read Little Lies to find out what happens to Emily or what Niall does if he is without her.

(btw this will be my first book so don't judge if its really bad, im not the best writer.... :/)


3. Dat Girl Tho

As we walked around the school Emily showed me everything, she was so good at explaining everything and by the end of the day I knew where everything was. That was probably the best start to my new school year! Just before the school bell went I had to ask her one question.. "come with me," I asked Emily.

"why?" Emily replied

"just please trust me." I pleaded

"okay fine :)" Emily answered

I ran towards the janitors closet holding Emily's hand pulling her along with me. She let out the cutest little laugh as she ran behind me. "why are we in here? xD"  Emily whispered.

"I just wanted to ask you a quick question?" I said.

"okay..?" Emily answered.

"ok, please don't take this in the pedoish way but, I was wondering if you were single? I asked nervously.

Emily gave out a little laugh and said, "I don't know why your asking this I am single but I though that you would have had a girlfriend? xD"

"No I haven't have a girlfriend for 6 months!" I said.

"well that was a surprise!" Emily said.

"your so pretty you know that right?" I exclaimed.

"O.O omg nobody has ever called me pretty before?!?!" Emily said is astonishment.

"that's crazy but I have got to go home to my family and my epic cat named Bonsai! you should come over some time?" I said

"I would love to see you again Niall! :D, I will have to see you tomorrow!! byeeeeee!" Emily shouted as I ran down the path to my home.



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