1Dream Girl

"I will find her!" I yelled at Zayn "OH YEAH! EVERY GIRL IN THIS FANDOM IS DYING TO BE WITH YOU! THEY SCREAM NIALL NIALL IM YOUR PRINCESS MARRY ME!! I DARE YOU TO FIND ONE GIRL THAT DOESN'T SCREAM THAT IN YOUR FACE!!!!"He yelled But he is right though every girl does that, I don't think there is one girl that doesn't.. I checked my twitter, 1 new notif. Great they're are probably asking for a follow "@_yagirlc: @NiallOffical If only you would look at your notifications, you would see your princess is right here.." *This story is not true, however these are real characteristics of me,Christa*


2. Chapter 2

Nialls P.O.V
She gave me her number and left,no girl ever did that.She was beautiful.Dark brown hair, dark brown eyes.the prettiest smile ever.Oh I kinda just want to meet up with her since we have 3 days left in NJ. I would really like to have a date with her before I go.Maybe I will set up a date with her.Let me call her.
C:Hello,who is this?
N:Its Niall, hi Christa how are you?
C:Omg Niall, its so nice to hear from you again
N:Its good to hear your voice to Baby.
C:Wait what was that last word again?
N:I said Its nice to hear your voice to Christa
C:Oh, so whats up?
N:I was wondering if you want to go on a date.
C:I would love that what day?
N:Tonight, at 17 hundred?
C:*Giggle* You mean at 5? Sure 
N:Okay I will pick you up at 5 then, were going to our tour bus, and I am cooking you something.
C:Oh how romantic! Should I dress up?
N:A dress would be nice.
C:Okay, then I will wear a dress, but I wont wear heels or flats thats too girly Im sorry.
N:Thats fine see you in a bit love.
C:Bye Nialler
I hung up, and I had to go get ingredients. So I ran to the store to get ingredients that I need for my favorite Chicken ever, Peri Peri Chicken.So I grabbed everything I even got chocolate cake, and some hot chocolate mix.Oh I just cant wait.*3 hours later* Its 16:50 and I have to go have Paul Pick her up."Hey Paul, can you pick up christa?Heres her address."I asked."Fine Niall I will go pick her up"Paul said."Perfect thanks Paul!"I said.I ran upstairs and changed into a tux.I heard a car door, and rushed downstairs and saw christa in this amazing pink dress, of course with vans, she looked beautiful.I had to admit that."You look stunning Christa, please have a seat, I will get the dinner"I said."Okay Niall, I heard your a really good cook, so I am totally looking forward to this."She said.I ran to the kitchen and got us the plates that had Chicken and also had potatoes.I rushed back out to the dining area and placed the plates on the table and sat down.*1 Hour Later* I really want to kiss her, c'mon niall do it. I started to lean in and then she backed away."I am sorry Niall, I thought I told you, I have a BoyFriend"She said before she ran out.Oh when did she say that?
Christas Outfit:http://www.polyvore.com/movellas/set?id=150366439

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