If I tell you my secret

When Jana Mikaelson starts to feel a burning sensation on her back and arms, she knows she needs to hide. When her best friend, Mikayla Black, figures out her secret, will she tell her it's true, or tell her she's crazy?


1. School

"Loser!" Kelli said, "Freak!"

Why was she calling me these names? I thought we were friends.

"No-one likes you Jana!" her other friend, Maddie, yelled.

I started to feel a burning sensation on my back and arms, as if molten lava was coursing through my veins. I had to hide. I ran to the school doors, Kelli and Maddie still yelling at me. I burst the doors open and looked for the closest place to hide. The woods. I sprinted there, and found a place behind several rocks. Then my back started to ache terribly. My teeth started to ache, my head started to ache, EVERYTHING started to ache. Mom said that the first time I transformed would be fine, that everything would be okay. Well this is NOT okay. I closed my eyes and sat down on the ground. When I opened my eyes, I could see everything better, smell everything better, hear everything better. I had transformed. 

Yup guys.




I'm a Wolfblood.




Author's Note:

I know that the title of this chapter might not make sense, but after you read the chapter, you realize she was at school the first couple sentences of the chapter.




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