If I tell you my secret

When Jana Mikaelson starts to feel a burning sensation on her back and arms, she knows she needs to hide. When her best friend, Mikayla Black, figures out her secret, will she tell her it's true, or tell her she's crazy?


2. Arguments Lead to Anger, Anger Leads to Transformation

"Mom! You said it wouldn't happen until full moon! But here I am, at home, having to call the school saying I'm sick! Geez!" I yelled at my Mom, throwing my hands up in the air in the process.

"Jana, don't yell at me! I should've told you that anger and other emotions can lead to transformation too! You shouldn't let yourself get like that so close to the full moon!"

I turned around and glared at Mom.

"let myself get like this? It's not my fault that Kelli aand Maddie are so mean and bully everyone! It's not my fault they called me a loser and a freak!" The lava started coursing through my veins as I clenched my fists. I then got louder. "It's not my fault I'm like this!"

A low growling sound resonated throughout the room as I started my second transformation of the day. I looked into the mirror as I started the change. My jade green eyes had turned amber, my teeth had gotten sharper, and my ears had gotten ever-so-slightly pointed. I looked back towards my mom with a pained expression as I fell down to my knees, howling.

Why was this transformation so much more painful than the last?

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