Falling for Stilinski.

"The best things in life are always the unexpected,

because they have no expectations."

[Not very great at descriptions, but I hope the story won't disappoint you]


1. Chapter 01: Chaos Rising

Chapter 01:
              Chaos Rising


        "What do you mean what?" Scott questioned my question furrowing his eyebrows in confusion, "I mean what, and you know what." I retorted. "What--what?" he replied only frustrating me, "That look you were giving." I said. "I didn't give a look--" I cut him off, "No, there was a distinct look, Scott." "What look?" he questioned again, "That look that says the last thing you wanna do right now is go to a party." I pointed out. "It's not that," he said, "it just seems a little weird that were going to a different high school's party." leaving me very frustrated. "Just one drink, you'll be fine. I went to nursery school with this girl, okay? She promised to introduce us to all of her friends, so tonight, no Allison, no Lydia, tonight, were moving on." I said way too overjoyed, "You're right." Scott said causing an exhilarated mood take over me, "That's right I'm right." I said, "Moving on ..." Scott processed, "Onward, and upward." I said. "Let's do this." Scott replied, "That's what I'm talking about." I said, we elevated our hands and went in for our usual handshake. 

        "How does my breath smell?" Scott asked, "I'm not smelling your breath." I replied. "Do you have any gum?" he asked, "No, no gum, your fine." I replied, "I don't even know what kind of party this is." he said while opening the door to the house. We walked inside and I immediately spotted Heather, the birthday girl, but then, I spotted another girl ... she was dancing while drinking a bottle of Bourbon from what I saw. She was snapping her fingers to the beat of the song, she looked over to me a smirk formed upon her lips, she was beautiful. "Stiles!" A familiar voice shouted over the music, I looked over and saw Heather making her way towards Scott and I. 

        "Hi!" She greeted us with a smile plastered on her face, "Hey, there's the birthday girl--" and all of a sudden, she planted a kiss upon my lips. I furrowed my eyebrows, I was completely flattered. "So glad that you could make it." she said, "You too." I replied completely dazed. "Come downstairs with me and help me pick out a bottle of wine." she said, "Yeah." I replied while she grabbed my hand intertwining our fingers together. I looked back at a surprised Scott, he was probably more surprised than I was. 

        We walked out of the foyer, and once again I saw the pretty brunette, only that we'd bumped into each other. "Sorry." I said stunned at how much more beautiful she was as I got closer, "No worries, my fault." she replied completely careless, she looked over at an impatient Heather. "You should get back to your one night stand, she's got quite a temper, well, with me at least." she smirked, still dancing, she was pretty drunk in my eyes at least. "Y-Yeah, I should." I stuttered, I felt Heather gently pull on my hand I looked to her, and she did look like she had a temper, annoyance was written all over her face. It was the first time I've seen Heather with a temper.

        She lead me through the hallway and we made our way into their basement where her parents stored their collections of wine. "Hey, remember when we were little kids and we used to come down here all the time--" she interrupted with a kiss, not that I was complaining at all. "Yeah, we never did that." I replied completely un-bothered by the fact. "Stiles," she spoke as she grabbed my hand and led me towards a shelf of wines, "I just turned 17 today, and you know what I want for my birthday?" she questioned. "A bike?" I replied, she nodded her head in disagreement. "To not be a 17 year old virgin." she replied, kicking off her heels becoming a petite.


       "You should get back to your one night stand," I said, "she's got quite a temper, well, with me at least." I smirked at Heather attempting to glare me down, but the poor girl couldn't faze me. "Y-Yeah, I should." the cute boy stuttered causing me to smirk, Heather tugged on his hand and soon enough they dissapeared into the hallways of drunken teenagers. "Rose, please remind me why I came to Heather's party?" I questioned my best friend Rosalie who was dancing as well. "Because It's fun, and you really need fun lately." she replied, I nodded my head at the accuracy and certainty she spoke. "So true!" another close friend, Aurelia shouted over the music and smiled joining our little dance group.  

        I took another sip of Bourbon, it was disgusting but it got me very drunk. "That cute guy," I pointed out, "he's staring at you." I smiled while dancing, we looked over at the same time. "Oh, he is isn't he." she said, we then burst into a fit of laughter for no reason at all. "Ah, I just wanna pass out on this floor were standing on." I said closing my eyes, still dancing, "Yeah, well you can do that at home." I hear the voice of my guardian, Felicity. Logically, she was young, but not young enough to be at this party. Klaus Mikaelson had forced me to leave Mystic Falls with her, but on the way Aurelia and Rosalie joined in on the fun journey to Beacon Hills.

        "Where'd Aurelia go?" I questioned looking around for my black-haired best friend only to find her in the corner making out with some blonde guy. Felicity chuckled and rolled her eyes walking over to them peeling the blonde boy off of her. "Come on, we gotta go home It's past 10." she explained, I groaned while we all walked out of the house, drunk off our asses, besides Felicity since she was the driver. "Get your asses in the car." she laughed, enjoying us as we are unstable. We all piled into the car, I took the back seat since it was the most comfortable along with Aurelia and Rosalie took on the passenger's seat.

        I unsteadily clicked on my seat belt, and so did Aurelia. "Seat belts on? I don't want any drunk vampires flying out the car." Felicity said as she buckled her own on, "Yes." I answered attempting to drift off to sleep before Felicity pushes on the gas causing my head to hit the seat in front of me. "Dammit." I replied but then began laughing afterwards, Aurelia soon joined in. After 20 or so minutes of driving we finally arrived at the house, "Hurry up and get some sleep, we have to get your enrollment forms tomorrow at the school." Felicity said as we walked inside the house. We all stumbled upstairs and into our rooms, once I got to mine I plopped onto my bed and drifted off to a deep sleep.

        Author's Note: Thank you for reading this first chapter! If you like it please post a comment, because with every comment that tells me to, I will post another chapter :)

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