Being Liams sister

Being Liam Payne's twin has ups and downs. Getting to see all the fans and behind the scenes, being there for all the promotions is pretty fun! but being there for all the farting contest and seeing who is the loudest burper isn't that great. One of the hardest things of all is Liam's one rule...
No dating his sister


10. tour starts

The tour bus leaves in an hour. It's noon right now and Zayn stormed out a half hour ago. I already have a bruise on my wrist from when he shoved me but I'm okay. we leave for tour at 1:30. its noon right now and zayn left half an hour ago. i packed everything except for what im wearing today. today im wearing a black slip dress from top shop and black vans and a black obey snap back both from zumiez. i took a shower and added more color into my hair. when i got out of the shower, i got dressed. then i curled my hair, even though my hair is naturally curly. i did my makeup in a natural easy way. at 12:45 i heard a knock at the door. i really hope it isnt zayn. 

"who is it?" i asked

"harry, ive come to pack for zayn"he said

i let him in immediatly. i told him everything that happened while he packed and even started to cry at the end. he gave me a huge warm and welcoming hug.

"why are you upset?" he asked me

"i feel bad for not remembering." i admit 

he continues to hug me and calm me down. harry is really sweet and such a great friend. we finished packing everything and brought our bags down to the bus. when i got onto the bus i saw a girl sitting down looking at her phone. i looked at harry confused. he cleared his throught making her look up at him.

"chloe this is autumn, our stylist. autumn this is chloe liams sister." he said 

we shook hands and before i could say anything she hugged harry. she was a little shorter than me but i am tall for a girl. she was about average hight. she had blonde hair and blue eyes. she had one streak of brown in the front. she was very pretty and looked very fit. i feel a little intimidated by her but she does sound nice. i was broken from my thoughts when i heard my name.

"so chloe, im so happy we finally have another girl on tour with us! i do not want to be stuck with these guys all alone." she said

"im happy too. ive only been with them for a couple days and im already in need of girl time." I say and we both start laughing.

When all of us get on the bus we start moving. I don't know where we go first.

"So who did you room with last night?"

I point to Zayn and he gives me an evil look. Within a couple of minutes we were in a circle playing truth or dare. Louis started and asked Harry who asked Liam who asked autumn who asked me.

"Chloe truth or dare." She asked.

Everyone started chanting dare dare dare dare.

I sighed "dare."

"Okay. I dare you to kiss Zayn."

I looked at Zayn. His face immediately looked evil.

"Don't even think about it you descusting bitch. You probably won't even remember it in the morning anyway." He spat at me.

The whole room went silent. I stood up and walked silently to 1 of the 2 bathrooms. I started to cry. I don't know why but it really hurt me. I don't know why he keeps making me feel bad about not remembering. I can't help it. I sit on the toilet with the seat closed. I look down at my wrist that now have tears on them. One has 3 bruises you can barely see and one big purple one that was caused by Zayn. The other has scars that are fading. I feel very upset right now. I could hear some of the boys yelling at Zayn. I heard a big thump and then people yelling zayns mine name. I quickly opened the door. I saw Zayn laying on the ground unconscious with a bruise started to form on his bloody cheek. And Harry with a bloody fist. Autumn comes out with ice and a wet cloth. I grab one and I sit Harry down in the back. I start to wipe off blood probably not even his own.

"You didn't have to do that Harry." I sighed. "Now there is a bunch of drama on the first day of tour because of me."

"No it's not because of you. It's because Zayn was being an ass. No one should be talked to like that and no one should get away with talking like that to a beautiful lady such as yourself." He said

"Whatever. Can you just not punch people anymore." I say while applying ice on his knuckle.

"Fine.but just so you know..." He says as I stand up "I would have loved it if you had to kiss me" he said with a smirk.

I laughed a little trying to hide my face because I was blushing. I walk to the main room and Zayn still isn't awake. I hope this isn't too serious.

2 hours later

Zayn just woke up and is aware of everything hat happen. Now he is pissed off at me and Harry, but everyone is mad at him. I know what Zayn did was mean but everyone makes mistakes. We stopped for dinner at a nice restaurant while the driver gets gas for the bus. After everyone orders it's completely silent.

"Zayn I'm your mad at me for forgetting and I'm sorry I can't remember but what you did earlier was a dick move and I think I deserve an apology." I say with confidence

There was a short pause

"Chloe I'm sorry for calling you a descusting bitch." He says looking into my eyes

"its okay and i hope we can be friends." i say and i hear faint gasps and i role my eyes.

~after dinner~

"hey chloe" i hear zayn yell

i stop infront of the bus and smile looking up at him. its only me and him.

"i really am sorry about earlier i just... i dont know what came over me." he says and starts to tear up

"its okay zayn" i say hugging him

he hugs me back "i was just liked you and it breaks my heart that you dont remember all the little moments we shared."he says breaking the hug"

i feel bad and give him a sorrowful look. maybe we can try again sometime i say. we get on the bus and everyone was staring at us. liam dragged me to sit next to him. apparently we havent had any "sibling time" i know he bcc just doesnt want harry or zayn getting a piece of me. i look over at autumn and she is giving me a little smirk. oh god that doesnt mean anything good.

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