Being Liams sister

Being Liam Payne's twin has ups and downs. Getting to see all the fans and behind the scenes, being there for all the promotions is pretty fun! but being there for all the farting contest and seeing who is the loudest burper isn't that great. One of the hardest things of all is Liam's one rule...
No dating his sister


9. the hotel

When we got to the hotel we all went up to the 8t floor. Of course me and zayns mine room was the one across the hall from the other 2 rooms. I walked into the room and flopped on the bed. The bed. As in there was only ONE BED!😭whatever I won't mention it. I don't want this to be awkward. After a minute Zayn walks in and turns on the light. It's already like 10pm so I'm going to bed now.

"Isn't she sleeping beauty." He says sarcastically

I start laughing and roll over. The bed was big enough for both of us.

"Do you want ms to sleep on the couch?" He ask

"You don't have to. The bed is big enough for both of us." I say

He nods with a little smirk on his face. Oh god. I grab my toiletries Bag and a pair of pajamas. When I walk into the bathroom I open my bag. I grab a paper bag that had blades and a note in them. I keep the note and flush the blades. Maybe this was a good thing. I'm not as stupid as I was. When I walked out of the bathroom I had my shorts and a t-shirt on. Zayn zipped up his bag as I walked out and walked into the bathroom. I heard the shower stop, and I walked to my bag I grabbed my charger. I hop into my side of the bed and plug in my phone. I start to scroll through my Twitter feed and I have over 100 notifications. Some of them were from the boys. I went up a couple thousand followers and a lot of people mentioned/ dmed me. I read through most of the tweets. Some of it was hate and the rest was nice. I followed and dmed a few people and the responses were amazing. I never new that from Liam being famous I would be too.

I hear the shower shit off and I turn on the tv. It was a nice hotel so it was an Apple TV. I go to Netflix and I start watching Orange is the new black. I just started a new season and I saw people freaking out on Twitter about son new girl that's hot. I continue watching until I see her. RUBY ROSE?!?!?! She was one of my best friends back home when I went to school. She lived in Australia and moved to my school for middle and part of high school. We were best friends!

I check the time and it's too late to text her now but I will in the morning. Zayn walks out of the bathroom in only sweat pants. He shuts off all the lights and crawls into bed. He looks at the screen.

"orange is the new black?! I love this show! And I must admit, ruby rose is my wcw. She is amazing." He looked at me with hearts in his eyes like the 😍 emoji.

"She is my best friend. We were friends in middle school and in part of high school. She always slept over my house and we told each other everything. When she told me she had a job as an actris I didn't expect the best show ever!!" I said. He stood there shocked.

He went on and on and on about how amazing she was. Did he know she has a girlfriend?

"Zayn I'll text her in the morning and maybe we can meet with her and her girlfriend." I said

His face lost a little emotion but was still very excite.

"Okay!" He said

We watched 2 more episodes and then I shut off the tv.

"Let's go swimming!" I whisper yelled getting up.

"Are you crazy?! It's past midnight!" He said

"So let's swim in the dark with glow in the dark bracelets and stuff" I said and walked into the bathroom. I walked out and zayn was in his swim trunks

"Fine Casey lady" he said

I laughed and grabbed a cover up and glow sticks that bent from my bag. We both put one on each wrist, ankle, and one around our necks and heads. I brought the rest just incase. I opened the door into the dark hallway. Just as we opened the elevator door I saw the rest of the boys in swim suits with glow sticks. We stood there in the elevator on silence until I said.

"You guys stole my idea" I said give o my god them a playful evil glare.they all chuckled and then we walked into the pool Area. It was a big pool. It had an actual deepend, not 4 feet like most hotels. I strip off my cover up and five in the deep end. It looked really cool because you could only see 6 glow bands in the water instead of a body.

Soon we were all in the pool swimming except Zayn was sitting on the stairs on the shallow end. I swam up to him and set on the step under his.

"Are you gonna swim?" I asked looking up at him.

"I... I can't swim" he said looking away in shame.

"Okay I'll just stay in the shallow end with you." I said

After a couple minutes were all in the shallow end and playing chicken. I was on zayns mine shoulders. Niall was on Harry shoulders. Louis was on Liam's shoulders. Me and zayn won the first round and Harry and Niall won the second round. After another hour we all went back to the room. Zayn was in bed by the time I changed. I slipped in as far enough away from him and fell asleep immediately.

I woke to a body shaking and crying in their sleep. I sat up frantically and saw Zayn. He must be having a bad dream. I shook him awake and he clung to my balling his eyes out.

"Sssssssh it's okay. It was just a bad dream." I tried comforting him

After a couple minutes he calmed down a little.

"Do you wanna talk about it?" He just shook his head

When he started to breath normally we lasted down. He was still clung to me and silently sobbing. I felt bad but maybe he'd tell me what happen in the morning.

We woke up at about 11. I looked at Zayn who still looked upset. With my hand I pushed his face so he could see me.

"What happen last night? Are you okay?" I asked him as softly as possible. He just sadly stared into my eyes.

"If you want to talk about it you can tell me. I know we just met and all but it's okay." I said while hugging him.

"We didn't just meet!" He yelled and shelved me away. He got up and stomped to the door

"You promised you'd never forget us! You promised you'd never forget me!" He screamed and then slammed the door.

That really hurt me. I can't control weather I remember or not. I can't believe he just got mad at me for forgetting. The doctors said I might remember. He really hurt me physically too. When he shoved me I fell off the bed and it hurt a lot. I can't believe he did that. I don't know if I should tell Liam or not he might be mad at me too. Plus your starts tomorrow and I don't wanna start any drama.

Hi guys! Sorry I haven't been on lately😫 I was traveling for the past month and THERE WAS NO WIFI😭but I hope that I'll be able to update more and have more of your guys input. Also shoutout to autumn who might be in the story soon😏

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