Being Liams sister

Being Liam Payne's twin has ups and downs. Getting to see all the fans and behind the scenes, being there for all the promotions is pretty fun! but being there for all the farting contest and seeing who is the loudest burper isn't that great. One of the hardest things of all is Liam's one rule...
No dating his sister


2. meeting the boys

Chloe's POV

Liam just punched the boy standing next to him. I have no Idea who he is but I have to say, he was pretty hot. When I saw Liam I ran to home and gave him a hug. After a couple of seconds I heard a groan out of pain from a the ground. I quickly broke from the hug and nealed down next to him.

"And who are you?"I said with a smile

He quickly sat up and smirked at me

"I'm Zayn. And I'm guessing your Chloe?" He asked while taking my hand andouille get me close, then kissing my cheek for a little longer than usual.

"Yup! Now, who are you?" I said standing up and pointing at the one with the curly brown hair and green eyes.

"I'm harry" he said while grabbing my hand and spinning me around. When he let go he winked at me, making me blush. I was now standing in front of a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes now.

"I'm Niall" he said while grabbing my hand and kissing it while winking at me. Then j walked over to the last bit with brown hair, and bluish greenish eyes.

"I'm Louis, and I like carrots" he said in A very serious tone and then shook my hand. It made me giggle and then he laughed making me know that he was joking.

Liam looped our arms together and led me to the limo. When we got to the cat I sat between Zayn and Harry. The three other boys say across from us. They asked me simple questions and then LIAM told me there was a 3 hour car ride ahead o f us to go to the hotel where no fans would notice us. I don't remember much more except for slowly falling asleep.

When I woke up we where at the hotel. There were 2 girls standing there. One has long brown hair and was about my height. She was smiling at me and then ran up to Louis and kissed him on the lips😏. The had blonde hair and was a little taller than mere walked up to me and said "my names perrie, but I'm sure you already knew that" crossing her arms while saying that last part.

"Nice to meet you perrie, but I've never heard of you so no need to flatter yourself" I said while smiling

She gasped and then ran up to Zayn kissing him. He looked a little annoyed by this and then walked up to me.

"I'll show you to the room" he said while winking and taking my hand. I like this boy. Perrie is going down.

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