Being Liams sister

Being Liam Payne's twin has ups and downs. Getting to see all the fans and behind the scenes, being there for all the promotions is pretty fun! but being there for all the farting contest and seeing who is the loudest burper isn't that great. One of the hardest things of all is Liam's one rule... No dating his sister


3. fighting

We were all at the pool ourside. The boys, me, ellinor, daniel, and perrie. Everyone was in the pool except me and Zayn. Zayn was dipping his feet in and I haven't walked out yet. I was in the bathroom getting ready.

"zayn, please come and help me tie this."

almost immediately he ran in. he stopped for a minute and then walked behind me to tie the back of my bikini. we walked out int the pool and sat on the first step. we watched as the boys started to play tag. i slipped into the water  and stood by ellinor and daniel. Perrie then swam up to us with a smirk on her face. within seconds she scooped up water and spilled water on me. i stood there for a minute before i sunk down under the water, grabbed her leg and pulled her over. when she stuck out her head there was mascara running down the sides of her eyes. she jumped on top of me pushing me under the water, but i was a very good swimmer so i slipped out from under her and swam to the deep end, then i climbed out and ran to my towel. she quickly jumped out and started speeding toward me. by then all of the boys were out of the pool. they pulled her off of me. Liam, Harry, and Niall pulled her into the house while all of the others ran after them. i heard a bunch of screaming and crashing noises. i just put my head on my knees and started to cry silently. i was here not even for 2 days and ruined everything. i quickly whipped away my tears as zayn and harry came out, turned on the radio, and sat on the chairs. 

"what happen?" i asked quietly

" i broke up with her" he said with a tiny smirk on his face.

"im so sorry, this is all my fault. i just barged in and ruined everything. i understand if you never wanna talk to me again. Im so so soooo sorry, Zayn. i really am," i said while crying. he must hate me now.

"Chloe what are you talking about!" he said while picking me up and hugging me. 

"I've been wanting to brake up with her forever and you gave me a chance. anyway i have my eye on someone else"he said while winking at me. i blushed and slid around on my heels. i walked to the chairs and sat next to harry.


Harrys pov (rare)

i really liked her but i knew Zayn did too. i have to get her first though. Zayn is a player and i know he will end up hurting her. i would never she is to fragile and beautiful.

"hey babe. wanna go for a swim."

"no thanks hazza maybe later."

"why? are you afraid ill beat you in a race?"she looked over to me with a smirk on her face 

"are you sure you wanna do that curly q."

"bring it on!!!"i yelled at her "Zayn will you be the judge?"

"sure!!" he yelled 

"okay" i started "we will dive into the deep end and swim to the shallow, do a flip turn and then swim back. first one wins bragging rights."

" your on, but since I'm in a bikini and not a racing suit we aren't diving." if only she didn't point that out. i would have liked to see that. i thought to myself and then giggled quietly.





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