Girl with a Twist

Heather Morris is a normal 14 year old. She eats normal food, wears normal clothes, and has a normal family. She goes to a normal public school and has normal friends, but even every normal life has a not normal flaw, like when Heather hits her head and can't remember anything. How far will she go to remember her whole life?


1. Regular for now

"Homework first Heather" said mom. Ugh why do I even have school I know for a fact that I am not going to need to know how many candy bars Joan bought. Yay! Joan bought 34 candy bars and ate 28 of them. What does Joan have now? I don't give a crap I mean, who buys their kid 34 candy bars unless it is Halloween. Hello, you are probably wondering who this person who is ranting about math is, I am Heather Morris. I am 14 years of pure fabulousness. I live in New York City and go to a performing arts school called ADCA , or Art, Drama, and Creativity Academy. I am a actress. Well, not officially, but I have been in some of our school plays and I audition a lot for different rolls. My favorite TV shows are Say Yes to the Dress and Kim of Queens, and my favorite color is sunset orange.My best friends name is Aurora Bradford, she is funny and sweet with a weird side. I also have 3 dogs they are Loony, Puff, and Bunyin. They are all sweet little beagles that look exactly the same unless you put a collar with a name on them. Well, that is so far what you need to know about me. Bye, got to go do some homework. UGH!!!

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