Girl with a Twist

Heather Morris is a normal 14 year old. She eats normal food, wears normal clothes, and has a normal family. She goes to a normal public school and has normal friends, but even every normal life has a not normal flaw, like when Heather hits her head and can't remember anything. How far will she go to remember her whole life?


4. don't remember

I won't remember my life, my name or anything at all. My parents are not recognized.I thought my relatives were nurses. I didn't know my own name. I can't even remember what I look like. My age and life is a blur. I have flowers and cards from people who say they are my best friends. One card was from a girl named Aurora who said she shouldn't have let me do my cartwheel down the porch stairs. Do I even like cartwheels. It seems my name is Heather Morris, or tat least that is what it says on my hospital band.

A nurse with bright red lipstick and a black ponytail comes in and gives me some applesauce. She whispers in my ear " I can't fix you darling, you are the only one who can remember your life". I give her a look as she walks out, she smiles back. 

What did she mean? 

Why did she say that?

These are the questions that I need answers to.

Those answers are what I need.

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