Girl with a Twist

Heather Morris is a normal 14 year old. She eats normal food, wears normal clothes, and has a normal family. She goes to a normal public school and has normal friends, but even every normal life has a not normal flaw, like when Heather hits her head and can't remember anything. How far will she go to remember her whole life?


3. confusion

I wake up to the smell of febreeze and old people. I open my eyes slightly to a group of people, maybe nurses, gathered around me looking at me. There are a lot of nurses here, I think. "Hi darling" a short nurse, a lady, with a blonde bob says. "Umm... Hi" I answer confused." Do you know who I am or who any of these people are"? another nurse, a man, with a brown bull cut. "Your a nurse and so are all these other people, why"? I answer. I guess I answered that question wrong. The lady with the bob starts crying, she nuzzles her head in the brown haired nurse. He hugs her close. Others around have on worried faces and walk out of the room, leaving me and the two nurses in the room. " Why us the lady whispers to the man, why our daughter"? I don't understand, I don't know who these people are, and then I realize I don't know who I am either. What happened to me? 

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