Girl with a Twist

Heather Morris is a normal 14 year old. She eats normal food, wears normal clothes, and has a normal family. She goes to a normal public school and has normal friends, but even every normal life has a not normal flaw, like when Heather hits her head and can't remember anything. How far will she go to remember her whole life?


2. cartwheels ruin everything

I get to school the next morning, and Aurora is waiting at the door. We walk in together as we always do, and sit down in our regular seats in Mrs. Windle's classroom. Mrs. Windle is a tall, slim lady with brown hair and green eyes, that always have bags under them. She is going through a divorce from her third husband. We might as well call her Mrs.  WindleSmittCarlson, because of how many last names this lady has.

We sit down and Erik Harrison, an annoying kid from Norway that absolutely hates me because I once didn't raise my hand before answering a question that he knew the answer to, turns around. He says "I see you are still a loser" in a show-offish way. "Oh, can you also see that I don't give a crap" I launch back a him.

"Hello class" Mrs. Windle chimes. Saved by the bell I think. Erik turns back around. We get out our notebooks and pencils, and start writing notes. After about an hour of learning about Shakespeare I really wanted to go home.

The bell rang and everyone ran out of the class. Aurora and I walked out together. Once we got out of the doorway, Aurora turned to me she said "Hey do you want to come over after school"."Ya, let me text my mom and tell her" I answer. I text my mom and after school I catch a ride from Mrs. Bradford. 

We walk into the backyard and immediately start doing back flips and cartwheels.Me and Aurora are both really big on the gymnastics stuff.

I am going into Aurora's house to get a drink and all of a sudden Aurora shouts at me "Would you like to see the most awesome cartwheel EVER"!!! I nod in approval.Here we go. As she does the awesome cartwheel down a step stool I know I have to out do her. I am going to do it one handed. "Oh, you think that is good watch this" I say after she finishes. I do the cartwheel, Aurora is screaming, I hear sirens, Mrs. Bradford runs out. I didn't stick that landing.


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