The Age of Venus {h.s}

Glowing in crystalline space
No distance seems far away
Believe that you can touch her
but did not dare approach .
She will suddenly turn shy
covering herself with clouds
and shimmering veils;
a woman full
and absolute mystery
sailing in the moonlit sky.



2. Chapter 1

Venus' POV

I suddenly awoke to a full bucket of ice cold water being thrown on my body. An instinctive squeal erupted from my throat.

"Wake up, God damn it!" My already drunk mother screeched at the top of her lungs and stumbled backwards due to the abnormal amount of movement being made. It was already 5:02 am and she was already drunk to the max. She never moves from the couch but still obtains an anorexic weight. The only time she get's up is to go to the bathroom or to get me to leave. I'm used to it though. I've been used to it since I was nine. I'm twenty four now.

"Okay, i'm up, i'm up!" I said shivering from the cold tap water that just soaked me to my bones and my bed to it's springs. She shook her head and then left my room but before doing that, dropping the bucket on the floor for me to pick up. I sat up in my bed and tried to untangle the thin blanket from me that was now chillingly stuck to my legs. I stumbled out of bed and grabbed a towel to dry myself off. I quickly got dressed in a pair of black yoga pants, a white t-shirt, and a flannel and then pulled my hair into a messy bun. I grabbed my purse and left my room.

As I walked down the steps, I saw my mom in her usual spot on the couch. I decided to just leave with out saying anything. Right before I left, she coughed and looked at me. "You gotta stop coming here. I don't wanna see your face everyday." She said looking at me with red bloodshot eyes.

"I haven't been here in months." I said reaching for the door knob.

"Just get the fuck out!!" She threw her empty booze bottle at me and I jumped out of the way and out the door. I'm usually not at home a lot anymore. I left when I was 18 and I got my own apartment in New York City. It was small but it would do for as long as I need it to. But sometimes, on occasion I'll go to a party near where I used to live and I'll get drunk and the only place where people know to take me is my mom's house, so they take me back to the place where all my problems started and I sleep there for the night and leave in the morning without my mom knowing.

Only a few times has she found me sleeping in my old room. As I got in my car, I realized how excited I was to go to work. I'm usually excited, but today I was exceptionally excited. I have been working at Gretchen's Antiques for four years now and I loved it there. I'm a buyer for Gretchen's Antiques which means that I'll go around to garage sales and I'll find things that I feel have value and buy it for the shop. I loved working at Gretchen's because I was doing something new everyday and that's awesome because I hate doing the same thing over and over again.

Gretchen's Antiques is located a few blocks away from Madison Square Garden and is only one room and in the one room there is a table in the middle with old antiques and surrounding the table on the walls are shelves that have antiques in them. Some of the things we have are priceless. Many people come to the store. Two years ago, Steven Tyler came to the store and bought half of the items. So when celebrities come in I'm not really that surprised.

Gretchen says that I'm the only employee that can handle herself around famous people so when she knows that a celebrity is coming in she'll have me working that day. I work every day except Saturday, but sometimes people like to call off and I have to fill-in for them on my only day off. Today was one of those days, my coworker, Margaret, called off at the last minute because she said she was "sick". But in reality she's actually getting ready to go see One Direction at Madison Square Garden. I was actually quite excited that there was a concert tonight because anytime there's a concert, Gretchen's Antiques always have really good business.


Well like I said tonight was a great night we had lots of business. Most of the customers were teenage girls who didn't actually like anything but their parents bought a lot. And after locking up the store, I went back to my apartment. Coming home after a long day is very rewarding. Just being able to lay in my cloud of a bed makes me impeccably happy. Every night I get home around 11:00 which is kind of annoying because I have to get up at 5:00. So by the time I get a shower and get ready for bed it's 12:30. So I only get four and a half hours sleep every night. Thankfully tomorrow I have off.


So this morning at 4:oo Gretchen called me to tell me that I needed to come in. Supposedly someone is coming in and I need to be there. So I got up early and made myself look extra good (you never know who will come in.) I had a good breakfast consisting of a pear and a Quaker oats granola bar. You should see my fridge... Just sad. Sad.

After my early commute to work and it being ten times more busy than any other day because of screaming girls running around due to One Direction probably still being in town, I got to work in one piece. Gretchen was behind the counter counting up the money from last night. "Morning G!" I said taking my coat off and walking into the back closet to put my stuff away. "Morning sweetie! How was your night last night? I can tell you were quite busy!"

"It was fine. A lot of the people that came in were going to the One Direction concert at MSG."

"I figured. So listen, I'm sure you know who's coming in today." she said as I walked back into the main room. "You know the drill just be professional like you always are. I don't even know why I'm telling you this! You're my go to girl!"

"Thanks G! Will do, but I don't know who's coming in."

"Oh, well all I can say is that it's one of the boys from One Direction and that he'll be in around 6:30 and that he's being dropped off and that no one can be in here except us, him and his security guard." She said reciting what she had written down on a sheet of paper.

"I'm leaving around 6:00 so you'll be on your own."


Being that it was almost 6:30 and he would be here soon I decided to quick go on my phone to refresh my memory on One Direction. I just looked up some pictures and I have to say they're all not bad looking. I think the one with the longer hair who seems to wear a lot of vintage clothing is the one coming in.

Right as I put my phone down I saw a big black car pull up outside the store. Two big guys came out of the front of the car and opened up the back of the car. All I could see from my chair was a black hat and old shoes. When the door opened I saw that my prediction was correct.


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