Truely madly and crazy love

When the boys abandoned Zayn in one part of a mall, Zayn finds himself running into a store. In the store he finds cool clothes, cool shoes, and cool hats; but could he also find the love of his life


3. chapter 3

"please don't scream because I've heard to many screams already."

i was about to say a smart a** comment back when there was a bunch of pounding at the door. when i went to go check it there was a mob of teenage girls trying to break into the store. they all yelled the same thing.



i opened the door a little bit and yelled back.

"none of you can come in. he isn't here!!!"

as i was about to close the door a tall blonde girl slid into the door and sprinted to the back. i grabbed her shoulder

"you can't be in here, or go back there. you have to leave, NOW"there was a moment of silence and then she smacked my hand off her shoulder.

"look you little biotch, you are gonna let me go talk to my boyfriend."she said with a smirk on her face.

"okay, i don't know who you think you are but you better get your little motherf..." i was cut off by Zayn walking out. 

"leave me alone Perrie i don't love you. I moved on, and you need to too. just because you are obsessed with me doesn't mean i feel the same way about you. now leave."

"oh please. you love me. i am the one who has moved on but i decided to give you one more chance not that you deserve it. and i know as a fact that you have not moved on. don't lie to me."

"actually smart a** i have moved on i have a girlfriend."

"oh yah who is it then."

he walked up to me. please God don't tell me he is gonna do what i think he is gonna do. please God no. he rapped his arm around my waist, from behind, and quickly glanced at my name tag.

"Nicole here is my girlfriend." he said with a smirk on my face and then bent down and kissed me on the cheek. as he did i felt a little spark in the pit of my stomach.i heard the teenage girls outside start to scream.oh no. thus us gonna be everywhere.







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