Truely madly and crazy love

When the boys abandoned Zayn in one part of a mall, Zayn finds himself running into a store. In the store he finds cool clothes, cool shoes, and cool hats; but could he also find the love of his life


2. chapter 2

nicole stood up immediately while the man was still laughing. he was laughing harder than anyone cami has ever seen. his laugh was a gorgeous noise and very contagious. Cami wanted to listen to that laughter for hours. she started to laugh harder when she noticed that nicole had ran into the back over embarrassment. cami ran to the back to check if nicole was okay.       


'what!?" she heard nicole call out with anger

"I'm sorry. i tried to tell you but you wouldn't listen and..."

she was cut of by the sarcastic caugh of the amazingly handsome boy from a minute ago. he wass staring at nicole, and nicole was staring back at him with anger. Cami shifted awkwardly when the boy darted his gaze to her. Nicole spoke up after a minute.

"What are you doing here? no one is allowed into the store"

"well me and my four friends were in the bathroom. when we exited some of the girls had found a way into the mall and the boys ran off leaving me alone to run from the girls but none of them caught me.' he said with a smirk on his face. he was waiting for a reaction. the girls both looked at each other and then looked from him head to toe. then they looked over at the one direction poster on the wall and then they looked back at me with excitement.they were about to speak when i stopped them before they could start.

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