Cursed Fairytales


3. Introductions Part Two: The Princesses

Karen- Jasmine. The princess who was sick of being trapped. She wanted to see the world. Today, she's a teenager in her house who just wants to leave her town. She wants to go backpacking across Europe.

Kayla- The mermaid princess who turned human for love. Her voice is her soul. She now can be found at local diners and coffee shops with a guitar in hand singing pop, country, and everything in between. She can also be found near the beach swimming or just walking along the shore. 

Brenna- the bad ass who transformed herself into a man to save her father, aka Mulan. She fought the Huns and brought them down along side Shang. She can be found at karate or self defense classes. Don't mess with this chica or she just might kick your ass.

Mary- Belle. The quiet book nerd back before the curse. Now? well she's not more into books as she is the internet. It consumes her entire existence. She's sarcastic but she's adorable and everyone loves her.

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