Cursed Fairytales


4. Introductions Part Three: Others

Niall Horan- Cogsworth. Before the curse, and during the curse at the beast's castle, he was a clock. He told the time, and was strict. Nowadays, he still spends his days serving Michael.

Louis Tomlinson- Lumiere. During the beast's curse, he turned into a candle stick. Lighting up the room with every joke he's ever made (and continues to do it even after the big curse). Now, he and his buddy Niall, are waiting on Michael, but he still manages to light up the room.

Zayn Malik- Grimsby. Before the huge curse, he was Prince Eric's mentor. Always there for him. Always one step a head. Now, he's still with Ashton. He's serving Ash as well as the family Ash now has but didn't previously.

Liam Payne- Sebastian the crab. King Triton's left hand man. And the one person, or crab, who looked after Ariel. What's he up to now? Well, he's a servant in Kayla's household. He's in charge of looking after the youngest in the family, even if she doesn't always appreciate it.

Harry Styles- Flounder. Previously, Ariel's best friend. He didn't treat her as "the princess of the ocean" he treated her like an actual person, or fish. He's still best friends with Kayla. He's even still a little guppy.

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