Cursed Fairytales


13. Chapter 9: Kayla

Ashton and I hung out a lot over the past weeks. My father still doesn't know but, he doesn't have to know everything that goes on in my life either. Today was the day I decided to skip with Mary and Harry, I just have to get by Liam and my father.

I woke up to Liam in my room trying to wake me up. "Kayla, you have to go to school."

"Okay Liam. I'm getting up." I smiled at him. He left, I got up, and immediately texted my two friends along with Ashton.


Hey. I'm skipping today with Harry and Mary. You in?

Immediately I got a text back saying he would. I got ready, then went downstairs to get "breakfast" which for me was always an apple and running out the door.

"Bye Liam see you at 2:30! Bye Daddy. I love you" I said to my two caregivers.

"Bye Kayla see you then." Liam said giving me my backpack.

"Bye baby girl." My father kissed my head and I was out the door. I got in my car and drove towards where I met Ashton, the pool. I met Harry at his house and Mary at hers. We decided to go to the next town over, have breakfast, and maybe to the beach.

"Are you sure we're not going to get in trouble for this Kayla?" Harry asked yet again.

"Harry, if I thought we were going to get caught, I wouldn't have skipped." He nodded still looking unsure. "Harry Styles, I promise you won't get in trouble."

"Okay Kayla. I trust you."

"Good." I drove to a quaint little cafe where we all ate. Mary and I had pancakes, Ashton had waffles, and Harry had french toast. It was the best morning. Spending time with my best friends.

After we paid, we drove down to the beach and unpacked our blankets, towels, and beach bags. I put sunblock on myself, and ran down to the water. I was in the water when I felt something grab my foot, causing me to jump and spin around. Ashton slowly appeared from the water, I smacked his arm.

"Rude" I said as he laughed. We swam for a little more until we decided to get out and run lines together. Well, meaning he helps me and I help him because our characters don't talk to each other till the very end.

Something about this story is familiar. Not just from it being classic Disney. It's like this has happened before but that's impossible because the story's fictional.

We finished going over the script with Harry and Mary as well during some points. Then we went back into the water and swam more.

By the time we finished, it was 2:00 aka a half an hour before school gets out. We packed everything up and went to take showers at the bath house. I brought my hair dryer and my makeup so I could look like I was at school. I let Mary borrow both then let Harry and Ashton borrow my hair dryer. We finished and got in the car at 2:30, it takes 2 or 3 minutes to get from the beach to home same with school to home. I dropped the three off and then went to my house with my stuff in my backpack. I walked in like I usually do from school.

"Kayla, how was school today?" Liam asked me.

"Boring. Like always." He lifts one eyebrow up.

"Really?" I nod. "Because I got a call from your school telling me you weren't there." My eyes went wide.

"Please don't tell Daddy." I begged.

"I won't love. Just don't let this happen again yeah?" I nod and go upstairs to check what my homework was that night to get started.

Even thought I got caught, today was extremely fun. I can't wait for the show next month.

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