Cursed Fairytales


12. Chapter 8: Calum

Discipline. All anyone really needs. Why break the laws when you can break records for how many goals you can make in soccer? Or break the record for the highest GPA. Doesn't that sound like fun? I know right.

I can't think about that now. I can only think of my date with Brenna and my role in the musical. I mean, Sebastian come on who doesn't want to play a crab? We have rehearsal today after school. So once the bell rings, we all head towards the auditorium where our director lies. We all sit in the house seats (A/N that's the audience for those of you that don't know theater terms) and chat until the director comes on to the stage.

"Today we will be blocking the number of Under the Sea. As well as a few other scenes. So, Calum, Kayla, and Harry please come up to the stage. Everyone else relax for a few moments." The three of us got up and walked over to her. She gave us directions for the entire number before she called everyone else up on stage. Once she had blocked everyone else's choreography, we ran through the entire number. Over and over again. I honestly wanted the day over with so I could go on my date I was promised by Brenna. We moved on to a bunch of my scenes and Kayla's scenes.

Once our three hours of rehearsal was done, I ran out of school. Okay, maybe I didn't run, it was more like a power walk. Anyways, I walked fast out of the school and to my car. I drove, the speed limit, to my home and walked inside rushing to get ready.

It was about 4 by the time I finished homework and getting ready for our date. I said goodbye to my parents, received my keys and got in my car to pick up Brenna. It took five minutes to get to her house.

Once there, I walked up to the door and knocked very cautiously. An old woman answered.

"Can I help you?" She asked kind of aggressively.

"I'm here for Brenna?" It came out more as a question.

"BRENNA!" She yelled up the stairs.

"I'll be down in a minute grandma." She yelled back.

"THERE'S A NICE BOY HERE FOR YOU!" At this point, I was pretty sure this yelling match was going to bust my ear drum. However, the exact moment I was going to go wait in the car (I know so gentlemen like), Brenna came down in the most beautiful white sundress.

"Wow... You look.." Her face turned a shade of pink.

"Thanks." She replied. "Bye grandma." She dragged my hand outside. "I'm so sorry you had to be there when she shouted. She's quite loud."

"It's okay. Your grandma seems nice." I said trying to calm her down as I drove to our destination.

"She'd love to hear you say that." She laughed. "Where are we going anyway?"

"You'll see." She rolled her eyes. "You'll love it. I promise." I said as I pulled up to the picnic I had set up earlier. Once out of the car, I ran around to the other side to open Brenna's door. As soon as she was out I placed my hands over her eyes. "Don't look." I led her over to the blanket and uncovered her eyes. She gasped.

"Calum Hood. This is beautiful."

We sat and talked for the rest of the night, up until we had to leave. She's an amazing girl. And she's told me she's realized I'm not that annoying, which is I guess a good thing.

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