Cursed Fairytales


10. Chapter 6: Luke

I hate this. I hate that I don't have parents. I hate that I have to wait to be adopted. I hate the orphanage treats us like shit so we have to rummage through the trash. I hate how just because I'm an orphan, I'm labeled as the bad boy. I of course, am taking that label and trying to keep up my reputation but at the same time, I want to have a nice relationship. And I want to prove to Karen I can have a relationship. I didn't really know how to do it so I kind of cat called her. Which, tip for any guy who wants a girl, they don't like it. So I decided to audition for the musical as I know she's in the drama club. Maybe we'll get parts where we have to talk to each other.

(A/N sorry I keep making theater related stuff in my Wattpad stories.. That just kind of happens when you're a theater geek.)

Today's the day the cast list is posted. There were lots of people crowded around the call board.

Little Mermaid Cast

Ariel- Kayla Oborn
Prince Eric- Ashton Irwin
Flounder- Harry Styles
Sebastian- Calum Hood
Grimsby- Michael Clifford
Ursula- Karen Moore
King Triton- Luke Hemmings 
Flotsam- Christopher Barlett
Jetsam- Sean Holmes
Scuttle- Daniel Béland
Attina- Maddison Tucker
Alana- Molly Clarke
Aquata- Nicole Price
Adrina- Mary Cardona
Arista- Brenna Siciliani
Adella- Nilde Mazzi
Max- Spike (dog)
Chef Louis- Wayatt Fontaine
Carlotta- Sophia Kaestner
Ensamble- Everyone who wasn't listed above.
(A/N I made up half of these names so they're not real people)

I did have a part where I could talk to Karen and hopefully she won't see me as a bad boy. She'll see me as someone who is in need. Yeah I may have treated her badly this morning but whatever. You live and you learn. I looked over back at the call board and smiled. This was going to be a fun few months. Karen walked up to the board after o had looked, and smiled. I leaned forward.

"Congratulations on the part. You totally deserve it" she turned and smiled at me.

"You too Luke or shall I say, King Triton." We both laughed. She smiled again.

"Well Karen, I know we got off on the wrong foot. Id really like to get to know you over the next few months of the show." She nodded.

"I'd really like that Luke. But, no catcalling, and no pet names. Okay?"

"Okay. Pinky promise." I stuck out my pinky and she gave me a look. After a few seconds, she finally gave into it and wrapped her pinky around mine (A/N get it? Wrapped around your finger? No okay. Sorry I tried that pun). "See you at the read through then." She nodded once more, and then the bell rang. Everyone disputed to their classes except for me. I didn't really care so I started walking around the halls until Calum, the hall monitor came up to me.

"And where are you supposed to be right now?" He looked at me with his mouth in a line, and his eyes narrowed at me.

"None of your business."

"Actually, it is my business. I am in fact the hall monitor which means I need to make sure everyone's in class."

"Wow. Thanks captain obvious. Didn't know that was what a hall monitor did." I said sarcastically. "But fine I'll get to class." He nodded and I started walking towards my English class where a few cast members were. Calum being Calum, started to follow me. "What are you doing?"

"Making sure you do what you've been told to do." I rolled my eyes and walked in and people started clapping for me.

"That's enough." It stopped. "Where have you been Mr. Hemmings?"

"Just in the bathroom. Sorry, it was an emergency." Her eyes went wide and nodded pointing to my seat.

"Well, don't make it a habit, and congratulations on the play."

"Thank you." I took a seat and zoned out for the rest of class. 

Once the school day was over, I sprinted to the auditorium to receive my script and save a seat for Karen. She walked in talking with Brenna and I waved her over. I saw Brenna look at her with a disgusted face and Karen telling her that it's okay. They sat down next to me and the read through began.

The day ended beautifully with Karen and I laughing about rehearsal, and talking about music, TV shows and movies we enjoy.

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