Cursed Fairytales


7. Chapter 3: Mary

It may sound crazy, but I knew that voice from somewhere. Not just from math class. It was her singing. Her voice was so familiar. It was almost comforting. I felt a vibration from my phone. It was her. It was Kayla texting me.

FROM UNKNOWN: Hey Ashton. It's Kayla, you know the girl from math class who gets in trouble for singing?

TO KAYLA: Hey Kayla. What's up?

FROM KAYLA: Oh not much. In my room because I'm mad at my dad.

TO KAYLA: Oh yeah.. Why did he get so pissed off at you?

FROM KAYLA: Sorry, he just doesn't like when I interact with boys. Since I'm the baby of the family, he likes to protect me. Sorry about the scene he made...

TO KAYLA: wait you have siblings? How many? And no problem about him making a scene. I mean I certainly would protect my daughter... If I had one.

FROM KAYLA: haha. Yeah I have 6 older sisters. It's basically hell. Do you want to talk about this in person?

TO KAYLA: I thought you were in trouble?

FROM KAYLA: I know ways to sneak out of my house.. Meet me at the town's pool in 5.

TO KAYLA: See you then. ;(


FROM: KAYLA: Ashton it's okay. I got to go though because it's hard to climb out of a tree while texting. I'll see you in 5. ;-).

I ran to my closet and threw everything I owned out of the closet until I found my bathing suit. Don't ask me why it was at the back of my closet while I lived in LA... It just was. I went to my bathroom, put it on and looked in my mirror to make sure my hair and face were on point. I threw on a shirt, sandals, and ran out of my room to get my keys.

"And where do you think you're going?" Mother asked.

"I'm going to the pool with a friend"

"What friend? If it's that Michael boy, you know I don't approve of his attitude."

"No mom. It's actually a girl"

"Ooooo Ashy has a crush!!!" My younger sister, Lauren, yelled.

"No I don't. We just met yesterday! I have to go. Bye mom" I ran out of the house before one more question was asked. I got in my car and started towards the pool.


Once I arrived to the pool, I didn't see a car but, what I did see is Kayla jumping off of the diving board doing all sorts of crazy tricks. Backflips, diving, front flips, etc.

"Hey you little mermaid, what's happening?" She smiled.

"Hey fisherman. Not much is happening, just swimming."

"That's fun. Mind if I join you?" She pointed at the diving board insisting on me jumping off. "Only if I have to"

"Oh you do." She giggled. I got onto the diving board and decided instead of doing a cool trick, I ran and did a cannonball which made a huge splash covering Kayla. She laughed it off and swam over to me, very quickly.

"So, why did you want to meet me here again?"

"I wanted to get to know you. It's hard getting to know someone when all you have is words on a screen." She shrugged.

"So, family life? I didn't know you had 6 sisters. Your poor father living with so many girls." I teased her.

"Yeah. I have 6 older sisters Celia, London, Rita, River, Isabel, and Clarity, me being the youngest. And my father. My mother-" she got choked up. I brought her in to a hug to try to comfort her.

"You don't have to talk about it if you don't want to." I tried soothing her.

"No it's okay. You're my friend and friends trust each other. My mother died when I was young. She um.. She drowned." She got a little teary-eyed. I took my hand and stroked her hair. She coughed and then was back to normal like it never even happened. "So what about your family?"

"Well, I have me, my younger sister, Lauren, my younger brother, Harry, my stepdad, and my mom. As for my dad, he left when I was very young. I don't know much about him but I know he was a huge ass."

"Aww. I'm sorry Ash." She said.

"You have no reason to be sorry Kayla." Then for the rest of the afternoon, we talked about each other. We got to know each other like the back of our hands. I figured out that she is an honor roll student, and her favorite color is blue. Her best friend is a younger boy about a year younger than us, Harry. She'd known him forever and her dad had a servant called Liam who was overprotective but she didn't mind because it was like having another friend. And I told her stuff about my life. Like how I'm awesome at soccer, and how I can play the drums. And how Michael Clifford and I are best friend. I also told her how my mother hired a servant called Zayn who was very wise and helpful towards me. Today I knew he was off so I took it as a chance to get some freedom. Mainly because Zayn is always with me. Always. Sometimes it's just refreshing to be by yourself. Or with someone who is an amazing person and wants to know everything about, and you want to know everything about them. That day, was extremely peaceful for me. I had made a new friend, and maybe an anchor for me. Someone I can always talk to and she wouldn't ever judge me.

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