Cursed Fairytales


14. Chapter 10: Ashton

The beach was amazing. So was hanging out with Kayla. I had taken extra precautions when ditching. I had called my school when I was upstairs telling them I would be out sick that day so my mother never found out, neither did Zayn. Thank the lord. There's no way I would've gotten Zayn to keep this on the down low. 

I came home from the beach before either one of them came home. There was a note from Zayn that he went grocery shopping and my mother was at work. It was 2:30 the time I usually come home from school. Since I was a bit sandy, I took a shower before Zayn came back from shopping. 

When I came out, I scrubbed the bath so there would be no trace of the sand that had previously been on my body. I texted Michael for the homework and deleted that text and after I wrote it down in my assignment book, deleted the text from Michael. I sat down on my bed and got straight to my homework as I usually did. Once finished, I went down stairs to find Zayn putting the groceries away. Being the kind of person I am, I decided to help him out a little  bit. 

"Sir you don't have to help, it's my responsibility not yours." 

"It's okay Zayn, really. I want to help. Plus, you deserve some help sometimes." He nodded his head in appreciation, and in a few minutes it was finished. "I have to go pick something up." I lied. I actually just wanted to buy Kayla a gift. It was almost tech week, which means showtime! I wanted to get her something for good luck. I went to a small shop in town to search. From the few months I've known Kayla, she seems like the type of person to appreciate smaller gifts that are meaningful rather than expensive ones. 

"Can I help you?" Asked a strangely familiar voice. I turned around and there in all his glory, stood Luke Hemmings. He stood there in a light blue buttoned down shirt and cargo pants. I tried not to snicker, as he usually dresses in all black. "Go ahead and laugh." He rolled his eyes. 

"I'm not going to laugh Luke." I told him. "And don't worry. I know you got quite the reputation to hold so I'll keep this on the DL." He nodded his head as a thanks. 

"Do you need help or not Irwin?" 

"Yeah I do. I'm trying to find a present for a girl." 

"Let me guess, Kayla."

"How'd you know?" I was taken back that he knew who I was looking for.

"The entire school can sense it, you two have been inseparable since you met." He started to walk away, then turned and beckoned me to follow. "I know just what you should get her." He lead me to a bunch of necklaces shaped like love hearts with names on them. I thanked him and started the search for Kayla's name. Once I found it I bought it and went home. I found my mother and my siblings sitting at the table while Zayn was in the kitchen cleaning up. I didn't realize how hungry I was until I smelled the delicious flounder. 

"Where have you been Mr?" My mom asked.

"I was out buying a gift for someone." She raised her eyebrow.

"Is this for the girl you've been seeing for the past few months?" I tried to hide the pink that was starting to show on my face. 

"It so is!" Lauren shouted. "Who is she!?" 

"Themayorsdaughter" I said rather quickly. My mother raised her eyebrow yet again. "The mayor's daughter." I repeated myself. "Her name is Kayla. I got something for her as good luck for when she's Ariel in The Little Mermaid." My sister smirked.


The next day at rehearsal,  we were rehearsing the part where Eric gets saved by Ariel, and Part of Your World. Before we got started I brought Kayla over to backstage. 

"What's going on Ash?" She laughed making me a bit more nervous.

"I- um. I bought this for you as a good luck charm for the show." I gave walked around her and put the necklace on her. She looked down gasping.

"I love it Ash!" 

"Open it." She did as told smiling at the picture of the two of us the first day we hung out.

"It's beautiful Ashton." 

"Not as beautiful as you." She looked up and immediately regretted saying that. 


"I um.. Do you want to go out with me?" I dont know where the hell I got that much courage from. 

She was silent for a minute before opening her mouth...

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