Cursed Fairytales


5. Chapter 1: Kayla


/N all the chapters are going to be one person's POV.

Walking along the beach alone is peaceful. Just when the sun is rising, and the waves are hitting the rocks. I had my headphones in as well. Blasting Green Day. I walked to get to the cafe I was to play at this morning. Guitar in hand, I headed north of course, I didn't stray from the water. I don't know what it is but, I've always had a love for the water. Whether it be ocean or pool water, it doesn't matter. I had to cross the docks to get there, and there was a boy sitting on them. He looked peaceful.

"Hello?" He jumped, then turned around to face me. I recognized him from school. He was in my math class, Ashton was his name.

"Oh hey. Um.. Who are you?" He asked. Of course he doesn't know.

"I'm Kayla? We have math together Ashton"

"Oh right, you're the girl that always gets in trouble for singing, and drawing in class. Aren't you on the girls swim team?"

"Yeah. I am. Well, nice seeing you but I have to get going. Duty calls" I say holding up my guitar. We said our goodbyes and I was on my way again. I reached the cafe and greeted the manager. He showed me to the stage and let me set up before he introduced me.

"Hey guys" I said as I walked onto the stage. "I know most of you probably don't know this song but, it's by one of my favorite bands, Fly Away Hero. It's called Hercules and I hope you enjoy it" then I started playing.

(A/N Watch the video while reading this bc it's the song)

After the song, the audience slightly applauded with the exception of one person who was whistling and shouting. It was odd. "Well, this next song which is my final song" boos from that one guy, "is by Green Day and it's called Olivia.

Thank you so much everyone!" I got off and took my tip jar with me. I was walking out the door when a hand stopped me.

"Wait," I turned to see Ashton there. "That was really good."

"Thanks. Did you follow me here or something?"

"I might have" He shrugged. "Do you write your own songs?"

"No I don't. I wish I could write. I just always have sucked at it. But I have to go Ash. My father is going to be very mad if I don't make it home on time."

"Well, can we hang out again soon?" I pulled my phone out, unlocked it and handed it to him waiting for him to put his number in. After he gave it back to me I looked at the time: 10:00. I was supposed to be home at 9:50. I know what's ten minutes going to do you? Well, if you've ever met my father, you'd understand. My father is actually the mayor of our small little town. And I have six sisters as well. Celia, London, Rita, River, Isabel, and Clarity, me being the youngest.

"OH SHIT! I have to go Ashton. I'm really sorry. I'LL TEXT YOU!" I turned so I could start sprinting but, instead found a very angry father in front of me.

"Where have you been young lady?"

"I was just at the cafe. Sorry Daddy"

"You need to learn to be on time Kayla."

"I know Daddy. I'm sorry. I'll be on time next time."

"You know I don't like you associating with any of the boys in this town. They're all bad news."

"But he's not Daddy. Ashton is different. He was interested in my music, and he seems to like the water. He's wonderful"

"No he's not Kayla."

"You're so unfair!" I huffed. I stomped back to the house and up to my room where I sat and cried practically the rest of the morning. I don't know why I didn't just text Ashton but, I didn't think of that.

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