The Bad Boy.

Lucy and Luke have known each other since 1st grade...
They catch up on some of the times they haven't talked to each other.
Lucy moved away in grade 4
And Lucy and Luke didn't talk since then.


1. chapter 1

Jessica has moved back to Australia right beside Luke.Luke was surprised that Jessica moved back from New York City. Luke was happy because he never seen her in forever.Jessica wanted to start a relationship with Luke." Hello Luke" Jessica said "Hello" Luke said "how are you Jessica."Good" replied Jessica "do you remember me?" "Yeah"said Luke.They went down to sit on a bench."So tell me about yourself now Luke"Like it's been a couple years now your life must of changed""well now""it's a surprise you moved back."I know I'm so happy"Luke's stomach was starting to get butterfly's and so was Jessica's.The next morning RING! RING! RING! Jessica's phone was ringing like crazy."Hello""Hi Jessica how are you"" good " then Luke hangs up.KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! At Jessica's bedroom door.WHO IS IT! It's mom...... Oh come in. How about breakfast in bed.ok I'd love that. Later that day there was a knock at the door. Come in. It was Luke "what are you doing here?" Jessica asked curiously."wanted to come see you" said Luke."well than come in." Whoa" what a beauty you are I mean what a beauty this house is. "I know right."" It's like a mansion""do you wanna come up to my room"Jessica said"yeah"than they walked up the stairs.Luke tried to hold Jessica's hand but she threw it up so fast that he barely saw it move"so what do you think?"" Of what?"" The house silly""oh wonderful.i went in the bathroom to put my makeup on and more proper cloths do you wanna go somewhere today?"umm ok.""what time should I pick you up?"4:00""ok I'll be here at 4:00." Luke started to get ready at 3:00 he was taking her to meet the band he arrived at 3:30 to pick Jessica up"Hello""Hi""hop in""ok" then they drove to Michael's house to meet the band "I'm here" Luke said "hey Luke" said the band.

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