I'm his little sis

Ella is Louis Thomlinsons little sister, but she doesn't know that. All she knows is that her famous brother is sending her family money and her parents won't tell her who he is. When she gets sent to London, England for a photo shoot of young surfers, will she finally meet her brother, or will she be left alone all over again


4. idiotic or just an idiot

Ella's POV

As soon as Harry was finally starting to act like a normal human being, a lady who I saw with outfits earlier walked into the room. "Ella, come with me," she spoke with a very serious tone. I got up and followed her. "Don't be too long," I heard Harry say and I could tell he was smirking. I rolled my eyes and walked out. I passed Beth and the boys to see Beth actually talking to them. That's a shocker. I gave her a thumbs up and she smiled at me then went back to her conversation. I walked into a blue room with 8 rows of clothing. Four for me and four for Harry. The lady told me she was going to get Harry and that I need to change into the outfit labelled with a number 1. I nodded as she left the room. I looked at the outfit. A white and blue sundress with flip flops, white earrings and a bracelet arm.

I put the outfit on as I heard the door slam shut. Ugh. Harry's back. I sighed and stepped out of the curtains to see Harry shirtless in white shorts and sunglasses. "Babe," Harry said to me when I walked out. I rolled my eyes and scoffed. Then I went to the hair table where they did natural waves in my hair and said that that's how it would be for the whole shoot. I got my light makeup blended for the shoot and Harry and I headed out to the back screen.

The first shoot was of just me. Then just Harry. Then one of me and Harry holding hands. They put up a fan to make our hair blow back. After the pictures were taken we headed back to change into outfit number two. Once I saw the outfit I sighed. It was more revealing than I hoped Harry would see me in. But I changed into it. It was a red, low cut crop top, white short shorts, and red flip flops. I walked out to see Harry in a red and white lifeguard outfits. I stifled out a laugh as I saw his face in the mirror. We walked back out to the screen and took two pictures seperate. Then I had to jump in Harry's arms so he was holding me bridal style. I groaned and jumped up. They tools few more pictures until we were finally on the last outfit. Mine was a tiny (and I mean tiny) blue bikini with the word surf on my butt and Harry was shirtless in blue swim trunks. For this shoot we were actually walking across the street to the beach. Once we got set up in front of the water. They handed me and beautiful white and blue surfboard, it was amazing.

The first picture I Had was of me holding the surfboard. Than of Harry posing. We took a few more. Me on his back. Smiling at the camera, stuff like that. The last picture was the one I was dreading. We were taken into the water and I was sat on the surf board. Harry than hopped up on it with me and looked into my eyes. Then he leaned in. They took about 6 pictures of us kissing, then finally they were done. I pulled away quickly and swam to shore.

The agency let me keep all the outfits including the board and I was super happy. All I could think about was hitting the waves tomorrow with NO HARRY!!!!!

The next day I was walking to the beach with Beth at my side. I was wearing a blue frilled bikini and I had the new board from the shoot in my hand. I walked into the beach and saw the 5 boys that I dreaded seeing. "Nice to see you again Ella," said the tall, handsome, yet annoying Harry Styles as he walked up to me. He was about two inches taller than me so I was definitely looking up. "I came to chill, not deal with you idiot," I said to his face. I went to the waves and ran in,

Beth's POV

I was laying down my towel when I heard a voice shout, "Hey babe, come lay with us," I have him a confused look and layed down. I felt a shadow figure over top of me and I turned around to see Louis, I think that's the name, standing over me with a bucket of water. "Come sit with us," he says with a smirk. I roll my eyes and right after I do, he drops the water on me and picks me up bridal style carrying me over to their seats. I sigh as he sits me down on the sand.

"Why are you acting weird, you were so fun yesterday," said Niall. I looked out at Ella and they all understood why. "Ella?" I nodded. I looked out at Ella and saw her laying on her back on her board. I grabbed my board which is pink and orange and paddled out to her. "El," I said pretty loud. She looked up and smiled. I layed on my stomach beside her and we started talking. Just then out of nowhere a shark comes out of the water. The lifeguard blew his whistle but I was too late. The shark bit have of Ella's board along with her left arm. She wasn't crying even though I was bawling. 4 lifeguards including a medical assistant came out and took Ella. I layed in my board crying.

Suddenly. I felt two strong arms wrap around me and carry me to shore. I didn't want to leave. I just wanted to run and hide. They put me down on the sand and I immediately cried to the persons shoulder. I looked up to see Louis and I quickly stood up, ran and grabbed my bag, and ran to Ella's hotel. I just wanted to get away!!!!

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