I'm his little sis

Ella is Louis Thomlinsons little sister, but she doesn't know that. All she knows is that her famous brother is sending her family money and her parents won't tell her who he is. When she gets sent to London, England for a photo shoot of young surfers, will she finally meet her brother, or will she be left alone all over again


2. First Day In England

Beth's POV

Ella and I walked down to Starbucks closest to the airport. Our plane left in one hour so we were in a hurry. She order an Oprah chai tea latte and I ordered a blueberry muffin and green tea. We started to walk back to the airport. "Can you believe we're flying first class!!!" I squealed as we walked. Ella looked at me as if I was an alien. "I've flown first class since I got the modelling job two years ago Beth," she said with a laugh. I chuckled and walked to our boarding area with Ella to wait.

Ella's POV

I can't believe Beth never flown first class before. Anyway, it's been two hours and we were landing in ten minutes. Since we've boarded Beth has just been playing with the buttons and music while I've sat there amused at how amazed she was. I went on my phone for a few minutes and looked at surf stores in England. I found a really chic store in downtown that I wanted to go to. I also found a dance clothing store that I knew Beth would want to go to.


The plane landed two hours ago. I got to go to that surf store I wanted to go to and Beth got to go to her dance clothing store. I just got a text saying the shoot starts in 30 minutes. I was also told Harry was being his band mates. I decided to bring Beth. We arrived at the shoot studio and I saw 4 boys by the couch. They must be the band. I grab Beth's hand and drag her over to them. She immediately goes into shy mode. She gets shy around anyone but me. "Hey I'm Ella and this is Beth," i say making them look up at us. A tall boy with brownish hair comes up to us and says, "I'm Louis, and this is Liam, Niall, and Zayn. Harry is in the change room waiting for some apparently hot model chic." I chuckle and the boys give me a puzzled look. "I'm that model chic," I explain. Louis sits down, his face flushed with embarrassment.

I grabs Beth and sit her down beside Louis. Just as in about to walk away, I turn to Beth and say loud enough for the boys to hear, "don't be shy." I laugh and push her shoulder causing her to fall into Louis lap. She turns bright red, and is about to get up before Louis' strong arms wrap around her and pull her back down. "Stay here babe. I want a hot chic on my lap," he says and she blushes. I laugh and turn around but not before seeing Louis looking down at Beth's low cut tank top and short shorts. I can tell he thinks she's sexy.

I walk to a door marked 'Harry and Ella' and take a deep breath. I can do this. I gulp and then push the door open to see something unexpected. Harry styles in nothing but his underwear. He quickly hides behind the couch and yells, "shut the door." I shut the door and he gets up and stands in front of me, about an inch apart. "You must be Ella," he speaks with his raspy voice. I gulp and take a step back until I'm against the door. He steps forward until he is less than an inch apart from me and says, "I'm not that scary am I?" I shake my head no and am about to walk over to the couch but he leans over me and whispers," I can't wait for this shoot." I looked at him confused, "why?" I say. He leans over me. "Because, you. In a bikini. So close to me. And didn't they tell you about the kiss," he says smirking. "Kiss?" I ask. He nodded. "They want a kissing picture. Wanna practice?" He starts to lean in but I roll out from his grip and sit on the couch. "I'll pass."

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