I'm his little sis

Ella is Louis Thomlinsons little sister, but she doesn't know that. All she knows is that her famous brother is sending her family money and her parents won't tell her who he is. When she gets sent to London, England for a photo shoot of young surfers, will she finally meet her brother, or will she be left alone all over again


1. Shopping

Ella's Pov

Right now, I am in the Station Mall with my best friend Bethany shopping for dance clothes. We walk into a store called Sportschek and go immediately to the back of the store. Bethany grabs a white crop top that says Be Free on it with some black booty shorts. I grab a grey low tank top that says Shine on it with a black sports bra and black Capri leggings with a star on the side of my ankle.

We pay for the clothes and make our way to Foot Locker. In the window I see some white high tops that I know I must have. I quickly run inside, with Bethany at my heels, find my size, and try them on. They fit perfectly so I buy them.

I asked Bethany to come over to the Surf Pro shop with me. Yes. I'm a surfer. And if I must say so my self I'm pretty good at it too. National champ 9 years running. Anyway, Beth and I walk into The Surf Pro shop and i immediately walk to the swim suit rack. "You gonna help me or what," I ask playfully to Beth who walks the the rack and starts looking with me.

I've been looking at bathing suits for about 15 minutes now, and I found three to try on. Beth then handed me one more to make it four. I walk into the change room and slip on the first pink bikini with white polka dots. I show it to Beth who gives me a thumbs up. I then try on the green, orange, and white bikini that Beth picked out. I show Beth and all she says is "if you don't get that, I will," I laugh and head back into the change room to try on the third bikini. It's red, with white dots, just like one you would find in a 50s movie. I decide against it and try on the fourth and final bikini. A blue one with a bow on my lower back on the top of the bottoms. I walk out to show Bethany. "That's the one," she replied with her mouth open.

I change back into my regular shorts and tank top and head out to find Beth. I find her by the water shorts area. "I need a pair," I say to her, "you should get a pair too." Beth silently shook her head no and started wandering around the store. I picked a pair of white water shorts that came with white flip flops. Lastly, I walk over to the board area. A long, blue and white board immediately catches my attention. I walk up to it and look. "450 dollars if you want it," a worker says behind me. That's cheap for a board like this. I decide to pick up the board and bring it to cash with me. I pay for everything and walk out of the store with Bethany. We walk to my house that is right on the beach and go straight to my room.

Beth technically lives at my house. She has 6 siblings along with her parents in her crowded house and I am the only one in my house. My parents left when I was less than one hour old and I was given to a foster home. Since I turned 18 last year, I was sent out of the house. Bethany's parents were like my parents and gave me money to buy a beAch house to live in. Beth stays here to keep me company. Anyway, you may be wondering how I pay for everything other than the house. Honestly, someone Kees anomnamously sending me money every month. Last month was over 5 grand. I can't help but wonder who it is.

"Wanna watch The Last Song?" I suggest to Beth. It is our absolute favourite movie of all time. "Yes" Beth says. I pop the movie in. And we watch with our popcorn and drinks close by.

It was at the end of the movie, and I was in tears. Why can't these things happen in real life. Being swept off your feet by the love of your life in the middle of the beach. Kissing in the rain. A real magical moment. Ever since two years ago, when I caught my ex boyfriend cheating on me with one of Bethany's sisters, I've never believed in happy ever after. In my life, it's just me, my best friend, and my board. Nothing else, it's that simple.

After the movie finishes, Beth and I go to sleep. I twisted and turned until I finally felt my eyes drop. BEEP BEEP BEEP. Ughhhhh. 6:30 already. I know what your thinking, isn't 6:30 a little early to wake up. Well, if your a surf girl like me. I have a special morning routine. 1 hour run, breakfast, change, surf. On every Tuesday I have dance so it changes my routine.

This morning is different. You see, I have a meeting with a surf magazine company at 9:00 so I'm just running and eating. I'll surf after my meeting. I get up and get changed into running clothes. A sports bra and Capri leggings. I then head outside with my iPod and run for an hour down the beach. I get home, eat a banana, and hop in the shower. I then change into a yellow sundress that goes perfect with my light brown hair and eyes. I put on some light makeup, but not a lot, and put on a pair of white flip flops with yellow flowers on them. I walk down the stairs to see Bethany at the door putting on her combat boots. "Hurry up, we will be late" she said while grabbing the keys and running out the door with my close behind her.

I get into my red convertible, and let Beth drive, and we drive down to the meeting halls. I walk into the building as Beth takes a seat in the waiting rooms. I find room 210 and lightly knock. I was about to knock again when someone answers the doors and tells to sit. "Hello miss Ella thomlinson. I am mrs Greco and I am manager of surf magazine. I called you here to discuss a photo shoot with you. Harry styles will also be on the shoot. It is in London, England next Monday. What do you say?" I reply excitedly with a yes and she hands me two plane tickets. I walk out to Beth and scream "WERE GOING TO ENGLAND!!!!!"

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