Meant To Fall

Moving here wasn't my first choice, but it's nice to know that it isn't all bad.
I made friends easily and it's so much fun. Ana is extremely nice and so is Chris. I just hope Dustin and the guys don't fuck up my high school experience. But they're kinda cute... [Guys I am not copying, i am the real Writter :)]


2. Chapter Two

Painting one nail and the other with the black nail polish i have, with white and sparkles. "Chris can you pass me an apple for me?" i say trying not to mess up my nails, he seems shocked by how much i have in this little apartment me and my dad , Greg Docks, have. "You have a PS4?!" I hear him squeal with excite meant as he runs into the room with an apple and tickles my feet, luckily for him i didn't mess up my nails or else he would have died on the spot.

"Yea so?" i had a Xbox 360 ,but it never got used and so my mom sold it. "We have to play!" he acted like a little girl over a barbie doll. "We can play when you take a shower." i said holding my nose from the stench of his sweat from football tryouts. I looked at the clock, 5:45 pm. "Should'nt you be heading home soon?" i look up pulling my plaid shirt into a knot. he looked down at the ground and looks at me, "I may have kinda told my mom I may or may not be staying at a Friends possibly,could be, mayb-" he whispers but i could clearly hear him. "What! my dad will...Fine you can stay but your ass is staying on that couch and stay downstairs!"
I start to play music and i skip to my bed, next to a nervous Chris, I wrap my arms around him, giving him a tight squeeze. Clearly, he was suffocating, his face turning a little red and him cross-eyed. "All ever did was wreck meEEEEEEEEEE!" I hear a voice cracking screech and Chris, very terrible if i may add, sings to the some of the lyrics. "You frigging suck you know that?" I ponce onto him, crawling into his lap grabbing the controller from his grasp and started messing with his score, damn boys freak out about their scores. "No don't touch mah score you Haynes she-devil!" He tackles me grabbing the controller, sitting his fat ass on top of me. God damn he is meant for football, except the fact that he has no dick.
I find a sweaty,snoring, passed out Chris laying on my bed in the most adorable position ever, picture worthy, I jump on top of him , he doesn't have a shirt on so I sat on him, I hear a moan and i smile evily at him. i feel myslef lifted into the air as i see Chris, holding me by my waist with a smirk, he lifts me up and down two to three times then he gives up. "Ha! weaklings!" i say in my most nerd voice. He smacks me on the waist and smiles. I put on fallout boy Centries || Please tell me you guys remember this ;3||I skip to my bathroom and start brushing my hair, Chris putting on his shirt. This boy is my new best friend i can already tell. He puts his hands on my upper legs, whoa can he not? Then I'm lifted into the air and onto his shoulders, thank god my dad isn't here.
Chris and I walk to the bus and we meet Ana, her and her beautiful eyes are just so stunning, man, I wish I was her, shes so happy and perky and nice.I go onto my phone to see I got a text from Breeden, this should be good.
Heeey ;)
wat? its too early to talk to a douche bag sorry!
wow someone has a tampon up their hole
so wat if i do ;) bet it turns you on doesn't it

Breeden stop texting me after that, thank god. Me and Ana start laughing in the back of the bus as Chris and Andrew start talking about games and making the team, Idiots.We make it to school and our daily routine goes and i head to study hall in the library, I sit in the back as I finish my math homework, I see a guy walk over to me and sets his stuff by me and smiles, the fuck is he pulling a rape face? "You sent Breeden that text?" he chuckles, "Who are you? you have a rape face I'm scared, why are you so-"

I stop right there knowing what I'm about to say is extremely awkward and I should shut up before I embarrass myself. "Why am I so what?" he wiggles his eyebrows, god damn please stop my ovaries cant take much more. "Nothing, anyway who are you?" I don't make eye-contact, Must.Finish.Homework. He sits down and lays his hands on my leg, what the fudge? "I'm so what?" I look up to see he's even sexier in the eyes, please fuck m- what no I said nothing. "Who are you?" I asked looking into his brown eyes. "I'm Sam Holland, Breeden's friend, now what am I?" Next thing I know is that he's right next to me, basically snuggling me. I turn my head and I see Chris twerking in the other corner mouthing "Get some!", god I hate him.

He gets extremely close to my ears, whispering dirty things to a child I do not need to hear, "Now, what am I?" He feels my leg up and down. "I said y-yo-you" I couldn't finish my sentence as Chris,thank god, came in and put down Starbucks, he knows me too well. "Hello happy couple!" he says with his special smirk. Sam gets up, clearly angry, and storms off. Chris brought McDonald's, he just made my day one thousand times better.
Five billion hours later, Ana is at my house playing with prince, my Lab German Shepard mix, and I'm cooking dinner. Dad is at a business meeting about the new state senate, and I'm stuck being baby sat by my older brother , Zachery Docks, a 17 year old teen age dream boy, as the girls in our school call him. Prince presses his little nose against my thigh and whines, "I'm sorry baby you cant have any human food! but ill give you some cheese" I pat his head and give him a little kiss with some American cheese. "That I should have bought you flowers And held your hand Should have gave you all my hours When I had the chance" I sing loudly as the music blares, Zachy comes out of his room and looks at me funny.

Oh by the way, Zachery is gay, he has been and that's why he lives here in New York with my dad. When he came out to tell my parents my mom ,being the snobby Christian she is, disowned him about 6 to 9 months ago, Of course that was before she died. My dad was very open to him being gay and offered him to come to New york with him after the divorce, my brother just didnt want to leave me, being in the state I was, so he said yes. He always called me in the night to make sure i was alive nd mom wasnt doing anything to me that would make my life more of a living hell than it was alredy.

So here I was, in the kitchen singing while Zachy watches me like I was bigfoot. "What the hell are you doing?" He asked as he came beside me. "I'm making food! Isn't it obvious?" I said full of sass. "I don't know. Maybe you're making a potion because your such a witch." He said jokingly. I playfully punched his shoulder, "You piece of crap!" I said. He then put his hand on his chest and fake cried. "I thought we were friends!" He said. I giggled and hit him with my elbow, "I'm joking retard." I said.

Then Ana came in with Prince. "He decided to slobber on my foot. MY BARE FOOT." Ana said before Prince started to whine. "Yes yes, I know you're sorry Princey-Pooh." She said before ruffling the fur on his scalp. His slobber drip on the tan tiles of the kitchen floor. "Prince! Stop you're drooling!" I yelled before taking a towel and cleaning up the slobber. "Hey, June can I help you with dinner?" She asked. "Uh, sure. Hand me the sauce and the flour." Zachy just chuckled, "This is gonna be so weird. Such a weird pizza." He said before leaving to his room.
Ana and I lay on my bed watching Mean Girls in our pajamas. She was in her blue cloud pajamas and I was in my grey sweatshirt and pink shorts. After the movie was over Ana turned to me. "How about truth or dare?" She said smiling. "Sure. Want me to go get Zachy to play with us." Warmth rushed to her cheeks as she nodded. "Zachy get in here you weakling!" I yelled before he came in. "Hey blue cloud and grey shirt. What can I do for you guys?" He said plopping into my spinning computer chair."Ana wants to have your babies. No I'm kidding. Truth or dare bro." I said. "Uh, dare." He said. Oh was he in for dirty dares.

I take a sip from my glass of milk and I laugh at Ana with her milk mustache."Whens dad coming back?" I ask, this is the first time since I've been here and dad was on a business trip. "I don't know he could be back in three days, or if he gets elected to be the new state senate he'll be gone for maybe a week or so." I laugh and stand up grabbing Ana, She looks at me like she knows what I'm about to do. "About a week ago, week ago!" I sing doing a bad impression of the dance with Ana.We are such great friends, I hope i just don't mess it up. "Alright I'm calling some friends over so we can play truth or dare!" Ana says looking at her phone texting people to come over to my house. About 30 minutes pass and Chris, Breeden, and Dustin are here, Crystal is going up the elevator with Andrew, and some new guy named Ashton. Great, just great, everyone will know where I live and I just wanted to lay low these last years for high school.

Ashton comes in with a black hoodie and sweats, he's pretty good looking but i don't want to stare giving the guys a hint that I'm curious. I smile as Ashton greats me with a kiss to the hand, what a gentleman! I think I might just jump onto him, hold me back Ana."Hello, I'm Ashton Quentin, And you must be?" he keeps my hand in his hands and he smile evilly, Dammit they're no good boys in this school are there? I wank my hand away from him and I run to the kitchen , checking on pizza. "Dat ass doe!" I hear breeden yell, i remember that I'm still in my pink shorts and I instantly cover up, face turning completely red. Chris walks over to me giving me tight squeeze and picking me up with one hand, Such strong, much power, wow.

"Truth or dare, Ana!" Breeden points to Ana as she shoves her face with pizza."Dare!" she sounds muffled by the huge piece of pizza in her mouth, combined with her drink. "I dare you to" He stops and thinks, a minute later an evil grin pops up on his face. "To sit in my lap till another person calls on you!" The guys laugh and I choke on a piece of ice. "Alright" she walks over and lays in his lap and she looks over to me. "Bae truth or dare?" I look at her and I smile infectiously and she smiles back. "Give me the D butch!" I laugh with Chris, Ashton looks at the guys with a look that seems like they are planing something. "Hey before you do the dare, He invited a special friend." He walks over to the door and he calls someone in. Oh my glob, its Sam, okay okay keep calm and don't let my horniness get to me. He walks in as if he just got here and didn't expect this to be my apartment, He looks at me shocked to be here and turns completely red, oh my glob oh my glob!
"I was told t-this was some-someone else hou-se" He stutters so bad that its adorable, "Its fine the more the merrier!" Ana says still sitting in Breeden's lap. Ashton whispers something to him and he turns even more red. "Why is he red?" Crystal says drinking her Dr.Pepper. "Cause he want the V" Breeden says with a tomato red Sam looking at him with a look that dad would give me when i was eight when I told the cop when he was pulled over and asked why he was speeding. "I'll go now" Sam looks completely embarrassed or shy even though just today he was all on my leg. "No stay!" I squeak out. Everyone looks at me like i snuck in through a window and invited my self into the conversation.

        A little after everyone is still here and we got seated onto our pillows, We found out Chris enjoys watching anime, Breeden watches gay porn once a week, and Crystal has a crush on Ashton, and Ashton ate his toe nails once to prove he had balls. Now it was my turn, "Truth or dare , June?" Ashton says laying back onto the couch."Dare, lets go give me the D!" I giggle and I look at Sam, who's right next to me and he gives me a crooked smile. "I dare you to kiss Sam." I turn my head, shock and confusion crosses me then embarrassment. "What, why?" I hear Sam say with a voice crack, clearly he has the same reaction. "Just do it, it's not like you guys are gonna have sex" Ana says, she finally got off Breeden's lap and is playing with prince.

        Before I could even process what was going on, Sam pulled me over to the coat closet, obviously not wanting to kiss in front of his friends. We stay in there for a good two minutes just silence between us. "So, we gonna get this over with or what?" he sounds so modest, like he wanted us to kiss. "I really don't-" His lips touch mine, shutting me right up and freezing me in slow motion. I close my eyes and I wrap my arms around his neck, bringing him in closer, he wraps his hands around my face pulling him up into my face into his. Only one word can describe what I'm feeling right now.


        Fireworks, even bombs. The door opens but we don't ever remove our lips from the disruption. "Whoa" I hear Breeden say looking at us. we slowly stop kissing and my whole face turns completely red. What have I done?

~*=*Ana's P.O.V*=*~

        We all stare at June and Sam. The silence last for I don't know how long but clearly something happened that wasn't supposed to happened cause Breeden looks confused, Ashton looks pissed, and Chris looks heart broken. Junes face is redder than sames when he walked in and Sam looks satisfied like he won a gold medal. After a while everyone settles down and we all head off to bed. The boys sleep in the living room with Zach and Me and June go to her room. Crystal left cause her baby brother's babysitter had to leave early.

        I wake up to boys yelling and running around, June is putting up her hair and is brushing it through with her brush. We sit by the window and watch the traffic drive by and the ocean view. We eat the rest of the pizza as We talk about scool and other things. "Ana," She says in a lower scared voice. "I love Sam." Holy nut balls, did she just do what I think she did? "What?!" I exclaim.


Hey guys! im finally done with chapter 2 sorry for the delay! i wanted it to be super special! i would like to say i love you guys and yea so buiiiaa<3 

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