Meant To Fall

Moving here wasn't my first choice, but it's nice to know that it isn't all bad.
I made friends easily and it's so much fun. Ana is extremely nice and so is Chris. I just hope Dustin and the guys don't fuck up my high school experience. But they're kinda cute... [Guys I am not copying, i am the real Writter :)]


3. Chapter Three

"what!" I yell into the doctors face,Moms dead? "Im afraid that is so Ms.Docks" He said, looking at his files. This couldn't be happening. Tears began to trickle down my cheekbones, my eyeliner also did. Clumps of the black goo trailed my cheekbones. "She died in the ambulance, we're sorry for your loss." He said before leaving the room. I sunk into the chair and cried remembering the day I found her in the house.

My phone rang five times before I could answer,Zach, "Are you oaky?, wait dont answer that, please tell me youre coming to New York, please i need to watch after you, are you okay?" he kept stuttering and repeating. The fact that i cant even speak is shocking to him, even he knows i love to smile and talk even when i want to cry. I hang up on zach, not saying a word. I regret it so much.

I find a razor laying in the bathroom, I've been cut free for 5 months, and now its going to be the last thing I'm going to do. I cut the words "FUCK UP" onto my arm and take 5 sleeping pills,7,9,12,16, then i take 20. Everything becomes dark, I'm finally going to be happy, finally free, Finally not a disappointment.

I wake up to being shaked by Ana, I wipe my face feeling wet hot tears.Ana and the others watch over me like a hen over her chick. "Are you okay June?" Ana asked frantically. "Uh, sure." I said before escaping Ana's hug to see Zach in the doorway, smirking. "The hell do you want?" I asked, as I walked over to him. "Were you having another fuckin' flashback?" He said, his stubble lining his jaw. "Who cares if I did!" I screamed before shoving him out the doorway and closing the door. I walked over to my bed and sat down by Ana. "What goes on in your quote on quote, flashbacks?" She asked curiously. "Curiosity killed the cat you know." I said before sliding under the covers. Leaving Ana wondering.

I walked into the living room, the guys were still here. Ashton came up to me and gave me a huge bear hug and kissed my forehead, I just laid my head into his shirt and for three minutes we were silent. then the wii went off, Breeden was starting It up and was laughing his arse off. "You, the couple who is slobbering all over each other, chose a game." he sounded quick and angry. "c-c-cou-ple?" I said. My eyes darted to Sam as he smiles, "I wanted to ask you to be my girlfriend, but I wanted to get to know you better before." He held my hands in my hoodie but I look at Chris, he smiled at me and waved.

        "Say something, I'm giving up on you." I sing loudly with Anna as we sing karaoke with the boys, clearly we are gonna win."Yeah, yeah whatever we know. Your great." Andrew said before trying to take away our microphones. We backed away and sang loudly "ANYWHERE I WOULD'VE FOLLOWED YOU!" He snatched the mic from my hand and sang, "JUNE MADE OUT WITH SAM!" Man was he annoying. I pouched his arm a couple times before he handed the mic back. "You Flunking piece of crap." I said before throwing a teddy bear at him. "Is this little Juney poohs?" He asked in a childish voice.

        Me and Sam are cuddling on the couch, Ana is making goo goo eyes at Ashton, who is oblivious to her looking at him. "Ana, why don't you just kiss him?" i say with a delightful tone, clearly she didn't need my help,god. "I don't like him!" i hear her yell as Ashton turns completely reddish pink. the room is silent, everyone looked at me. "What?" i look at what they were looking at. My scares.

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