Meant To Fall

Moving here wasn't my first choice, but it's nice to know that it isn't all bad.
I made friends easily and it's so much fun. Ana is extremely nice and so is Chris. I just hope Dustin and the guys don't fuck up my high school experience. But they're kinda cute... [Guys I am not copying, i am the real Writter :)]


1. Chapter One

June’s Pov

         “Yeah but it’s weird.” Said Lydia. “Yeah but he’s cute and I miss him.” I said slipping a black hoodie on over my white tank top. “Well there are other fish in the sea.” Said Lydia, followed by a yawn. “Anyway I gotta go before I’m late.” I said before walking closer to my laptop. “Alright, see ya!” Yelled Lydia before I ended the skype call. I ran out of my room to the kitchen to grab a granola bar.

         I snatched by bag and locking the door behind me. As I turned into the elevator somebody pushed me inwards. “Hey watch it!” I yelled to see a girl with blonde hair and a shy smile looking back at me. “Sorry, I’m a bit of a clutz” She said before stepping in. “What’s your name?” I asked her. “My name is Anastasia. What about you?” She asked before typing something on her phone. 

         “My name is June. I moved here over the summer.” She looked to the corner of the closed space, then back at me. “Why haven’t I seen you down at the pool over the summer?” I scratched the back of my neck is nervousness. “No reason, I just don’t like the sun.” I sly smirk grew on her face as the doors opened. “So, you don’t know anybody here. Right?” I stuttered as my words came out my mouth on crutches. “Correct blondie.” She laughed and raced for the doors. “You comin’?” She asked. “Uh yeah.” I said before trailing behind towards the bus.

        Before i continue, I think you guys would want to know Little bit about me wouldn't ya? I'm June Docks, I'm 15 years of age, I lived in LA California for my whole life until my mom died and i moved in with my dad in New York City, Well i might as well tell you everything, I'm Bulimic, I got bullied a lot in Elementary and middle School. Now I'm in high school with bunch of random people who i Don't know nor i want to know.

        On the bus Anastasia took a seat with some guy with blonde hair. “Come sit infront of us June!” She yelled from the back of the bus so I sat there. “June this is Andrew, Andrew this is June my neighbor.” The guy named Andrew smiled at me revealing his sparkly white teeth. “Andrew is my cousin. Sorry if he’s a doofus. He’s just stupid.” She said before he chuckled. “Yeah, I’m a real retard, says the pure blonde.” She smacked him upside his head.

        “Oh yeah? Your a pure blonde too you dumby!” She yelled before flicking his nose. “Ow! That weally huwt Ana!”He said imitating a childs voice. We both giggled to the imitation.“See June loves me!” Yelled Andrew. Warmth rushed to my cheeks, probably making it look like I’ve been punched multiple times.

        “Shutup retard.” I said before sliding down into the seat with my phone. The rest of the ride I remained silent. I didn’t need to know these people and they didn’t need to know me. When the bus stopped infront of the building I shoved my phone (Tina, The Ho) in my bag and walked past other seats to get off the bus.

        People shoved me and ran past me to the doors, which I didn’t quite mind. Inside, the noise nearly burst my eardrums. I held my hands to my ears, making an attempt to block out the noise. “Who’s that?” Asked a group of girls to my left.

         We finally get to the building, Where all hell begins, and I bumb into some dude walking with his friends. "Sorry!" i said getting on my feet,red ran across my cheeks and soon, my face."Its fi-" i hear him say but then his idiot friend ran into him, which made him domino into me, ending up with him on top of me with his friend laughing to death taking a photo. Lets get this straight, One I'm a tiny weakling that cant do shit, Two hes like 6 feet tall, Three i swear to god i tried to move but his fat ass wouldn't get up.

        "Selfie!" I heard him yell a when he got off of me, grabbing me by the waist and snapping a photo. I just stood there trying to understand what the hell happened. He chuckled and introduced himself as Dustin Lakers, his friend as Breeden Nevada. "Im June." I said looking at my phone, Then in a flash, my phone was in Breeden's hands

        "Hey! give it back!" i squeaked as i jumped in the air to get the phone. "Let me just put my number in you tiny mutant-freak!" he yelled with a squeaky voice crack. I stop jumping and i let him put the number in, "There you go Mrs.Tiny!" He mimicked my voice as i read the number he put in. The contact name was "Hawt Guy at School" i quickly changed it to Breeden's and Added Dustin's number into my phone. The school bell rang and i grabbed my backpack and i dashed to my first class, Chemistry.

         I tap my pencil on the decks as I watch the teacher lecture you about the class, "Rule number one, If you don't show effort in my class you will be removed and put into AP Science, Then into Science if you don't show effort there understand?" After a few minutes i zoom out into my own world then i hear a door opening and the teacher going silent. "Ah, Here is the Bad boy on campus I suppose?" Mrs.Lincoln said in her "You re fucked" voice. I look up from my window seat to see a blue eyed boy with light brown hair smiling at the teacher. "Actually I was talking to Mr.Province, you know? the principle?" I giggled a little trying not to give myself away. Clearly the teacher saw me or something cause she switched my current partner with this guy.

        I looked out the window and the clouds, I was almost out of touch with reality. "Hey grey eyes whats your name?" He says sticking his hands, i get lost in his icy blue eyes and i go silent. "He-hey!" i manage to spit out after about 30 seconds of silence. "You okay? you were silent for a while" he laughed. "Yea I-I'm okay, my names June, June Docks" I say turning toward him, then spinning around as the chair turns, me trying to be cool fails, once again.

        "Ha!" his laughter was sexy that all i could do was just stare at his mouth. It even made me smile a Little."And your assignment is to get to know your partner, get the cellphone number, know a lot about them by the end of the week." Mrs.Lincoln Yelled in an attempt to get our attention, which did work."Ey looks like I'm getting that number anyway! but whats your Skype? if you have one." he asked as I handed,"Oh I have one it's PandasOrTacos" I got a look from him and i busted out laughing.

        The bell rang and me and Chris, that's his name, ran out of the room to our next classes. Then came lunch, I went into the cafeteria and sat down at the benches outside in the garden. then i heard some girl run over to me, it was Anastasia and her cousin with a girl named Crystal. "Hey Loner!" Ana said with a perky squeak, "Sure not like anyone else is here?" I smiled at her as she placed down her tray and waved Andrew over. All we really did was just talk bout our first few classes and had a lot of fun making fun of the jocks talking about getting on the team and making touch downs.

        As soon as the last bell rung, I sprinted to my locker, getting caught in the mess of couples slobbering all over eachother. Then i heard some one yell my name, it was chris! "Hey-" he said catching his breath. "You should...come see me tryout for the football team." he was still breathing heavily, "Um..sure i'd love too!' I grabbed my backpack and skiped down the hall with chris close behind."then maybe we could get you in the track team!" i heard him yell as he chuckled.


Hey guys! i hoped you enjoyed this little chapter of "Meant to fall" This is the book i will take more time in and write longer (like 1000 to 3000 words) and this will be a weekly updated thing if you guys enjoyed the longer chapters (if you want daily then it will be short lik 500 words or less)

In my life update, Basicly i meant a guy named josh (Dustin Lakers) and his friends (Ashton Quentin, Breeden Nevada,and Sam Holland are their characters) and that is who they are based off of , Chris Victoria (My real life bestfriend) and my internet friends and also more. Please if you do enjoy this hit the follow button and vote this story! if you guys want to choose who gets together just put it in the comment section below!

Main Characters

June Docks- Zoe Elizabeth Sugg

Anastasia Warren-Lia Marie Johnson

Jack Locksten- Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg

Andrew Mocks-Bart Baker

Louis Framers-Anthony Padilla

Crystal Downs-iggy azalea

Lydia Bronks-Penélope Cruz

Zachery March-Zac Efron-David

Chris Victoria-Daniel RadCliffe

Dustin Lakers-Channing Tatum

Breeden Nevada-Liam Hemsworth

Ashton Quentin-Tom Cruise

Sam Holland-Mariano Ontanon

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