You Can't Run Away From Your Problems

Charlotte Connors moved to Australia from California trying to escape her boring life. When she moved to Sydney she had no idea what was coming, but she was ready. After a while of living in Sydney she meets her neighbor Calum and things finally start to get interesting...
What will happen between Charlotte and Calum? What is the Fanfiction actually about because the blurb sucks? Will she author ever learn how to write good fanfic? Read to find out!


3. The Question


Charlotte's POV   (5 months in Australia)  


"Hey Charlotte wait up!"


I heard someone yell as I started walking out of my house. I had to get to work, my shift started soon. I worked the late shift over at the café, it was 4:30pm, I had to clock in at 5pm. I turned around to see that it was my neighbor, Calum. He started running across his lawn to get to me. 


"What's up," I asked once he got closer.   


Talia and Summer always told me that he had a thing for me. I never gave it much thought, I mean he was pretty cute No don't be silly, he wouldn't like me. But have Talia and Summer ever been wrong about a guy? Ugh don't over think it Charlotte!   


Calum spoke making me jump,"you know that party you're having on Saturday?"   




 "I was wondering if I could bring some friends?" He asked.   


I lived alone, but I hated cleaning, ever since I moved here. My parents were rich so I had grown up with maids cleaning everything for me. Living alone made me realize how much I hated it. I told enough people about the party to have a good party, anyone more than what I invited would be too much to clean up after.   


"I told you I don't want too many people to go."  


He realized that I meant no and he tried to do his best puppy dog eyes to get me to change my mind. I stared at him not budging, then I couldn't take it.   


"Jesus Christ Calum, why do you do this" I questioned in defeat. 


 "Do what?" He asked, snickering   


"You know what," I said trying to hide a smile. 


"So can I bring the guys?"   


I hadn't known Calum for that long. And I had never met his friends, but from what he's said about them they sounded like giant children.   


"I can't said no can I," I asked already knowing the answer.   


"Nope." He said popping the 'p'   


"Fine, they can come."   


"Yay" he said hugging me in celebration.


He pulled away looking into my eyes, it seemed to be his favorite thing to do. Every chance he got he would just stare at them, it was probably the color but still it was weird at times.   


"Are they going to destroy my house"  I asked with an eyebrow raised.   


"I guess we'll have to find out"  he replied.   


"Gee that's very re-assuring"   


We both laughed.   


"Okay Calum, I have to get to work"  


"Alright see ya later then"  


"See ya" I shouted back getting into my car.    


Calum's POV   


She was so pretty, her eyes were my favorite thing about her I could stare at them all day. I hoped she knew that I liked her. I felt my pocket vibrate, I had gotten a text.   


What did she say?   


It was Ashton.   


She said you guys could come   


Ashton: Awesome! I can't wait to met her I wonder what shes like   


I didn't reply after that. I guess I was, well I don't know. Jealous? It sounded like Ashton was going to try to get with her. I mean we are mates, he wouldn't do that. Right?  


Ashton's POV   


When Calum first started talking about Charlotte I knew he had a thing for her. Maybe it was just the way he described her eyes that gave it off or the look on his face when he'd get her texts. She sounded like a nice chick but I didn't want her to hurt Calum. He's had some fucked up relationships in the past and I didn't want him to have to go through that again. I was always the one that would pick up the broken pieces, we're mates and I have to look after him. I had to meet this Charlotte chick soon, I need to know if she's good enough for Calum.   


Charlotte's POV   


As I was driving to work I remembered when I first met Calum.   




On Wednesdays in the café we had local artists come in and play a few songs. It was always fun to discover new music, and it was cool to meet the performers. One day Calum came into the cafe to sing a few songs, I had seen him around before but I couldn't remember where. I didn't notice I was staring until he came up to me.   


"Is there something in my face?" He asked with a frown.    


"Oh no. I just… I was just-"  


He cut me off, laughing and saying.   


"It's okay," he held out his hand to shake and said "Hi, I'm Calum. Your eyes are fucking sick by the way."  




After that we became friends. It was such a simple story but it's one I'll never forget. I still didn't know he was my neighbor until 2 weeks after I met him when I saw him walking up to the house next door. I was taking out the trash it was mostly empty food packages from the night before.   


*~ flash back ~*  


"Calum?" I asked confused, approaching his driveway.   


"Hiya sexy" he slurred.   


Was he drunk?  


"Is this your house? You live here?"  


He ignored my question and continued walking towards the house. He tripped on one of the steps and fell. He groaned in pain. I giggled quietly before going to help him.   


"Alright Hood," I said as I rolled him onto his back,"you need to get inside and sleep. Now!"   


He groaned again as I pulled on his arm, he wouldn't budge. At one point he tried to get up he decided not to, falling back down and bringing me with him. He giggled whilst I attempted to roll off of him. He pulled me closer refusing to let me go.  


"Calum, you're drunk. You have to get inside to rest, you're going to have a major hangover tomorrow. Let me go!"


"Shh," he replied putting his finger on my lips.  


Before I could push him away he slammed his lips onto mine. He caught me by surprise but next thing I knew I was kissing him back. I didn't want to stop but then I noticed that we were practically making out on the front steps of his house at 3am. I pulled away before it got too heated.   


"Oops." He giggled.   




Thank god he was drunk that night. He didn't remember, it happened a month ago but still. Now with him coming to the party on Saturday and him probably getting drunk again, God knows what's going to happen this time.   

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