You Can't Run Away From Your Problems

Charlotte Connors moved to Australia from California trying to escape her boring life. When she moved to Sydney she had no idea what was coming, but she was ready. After a while of living in Sydney she meets her neighbor Calum and things finally start to get interesting...
What will happen between Charlotte and Calum? What is the Fanfiction actually about because the blurb sucks? Will she author ever learn how to write good fanfic? Read to find out!


1. Prolouge

My name is Charlotte Conners. I have long brown hair with highlights from all the hours I spend at the beach. I am 5'6 almost 5'7, it's pretty tall for a chick I guess. I have Heterochromia, which basically means that one of my eyes has a different color from the other. My Left eye is the purest shade of baby blue in the center and it's outlined in dark blue. My right one is hazel, emerald green with a little bit of light brown in the middle. My friends always loved my eyes but I was occasionally teased about them in high school. I didn't give a shit though my eyes were, correction, are, gorgeous. Even though that sounds totally conceded it's true! Who else do you know of that has different colored eyes, not to mention I have really nice eye colors. My hazel one changes color sometimes, when I cry it turns into this super bright green, when I'm happy it goes a bit more brown. I like music a lot, I probably like it more than socializing. My favorite bands are Nirvana, blink-182, The Offspring, The Doors, Green Day, Goldfinger, Sublime, All American Rejects etc. I play a few instruments myself but I'd call myself a guitarist more than anything. 


I am 18 years old and I live in Sydney, Australia. I moved here from California after I graduated high school. I wanted a change in environment, I was tired of the same routine. I knew that if I stayed in Los Angels that I would just be forced into Law School to be just like my parents. I did not want to be like them. In fact I wanted the total opposite. With both of them being Lawyers they were always stressed about work and they were never home when I was growing up. I was basically raised by our Maid, Penelope. All those years of work and stress must have payed off, our family is pretty damn wealthy. I have an older brother but he didn't like this family either so he left as soon as he could, I was 14 at the time. He promised that he would come back for me but he never did, I haven't heard from him since I had turned 16. I missed him, we texted a lot in those two years; it was going well for him, he moved to Washington and met a girl. He had told me that he thought she was the one and that if it lasts another year that he would propose. They're probably married now with children maybe. I'm just glad he's happy. 


When I got to Australia I had no idea what the hell I was doing. I got to the house we owned here and I was surprised to find that it wasn't already rented out to someone. It was located in a nice calm neighborhood, the beach was some blocks away which was good. The beach is my favorite place to go to, everything is so relaxing and the water is hella fun, anything at the beach is awesome really. When I first went to the beach near my new house I was in love, everything about it was just perfect. The water was a green-ish blue color, the sand was white, and the sun was bright. The sunset that evening was beautiful it was just an amazing day.  


I got a job a couple days after my beach experience. One day as I was exploring town I noticed that there was a recently opened café a couple blocks away that needed help. I was almost hired on the spot, they were desperate for employees. The café was small, simple, but cozy. It was the perfect place to work at really. With me not being much of a morning person I signed up for the late shift which ended at 10pm, but hey, at least I got to sleep in. My first week in Sydney was great, I quickly made friends with the people I worked with and with anyone really. Obviously I didn't really trust any of these people but I needed someone to make life less lonely here. All of them were nice, the only two people that I almost fully trusted were Summer and Talia. They were daily costumers and they actually made an effort to get to know me better. Of course they were two crazy kids but they were awesome. 


 I have been living in Australia for 3 months now and they have been the best three months of my life. 

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