You Can't Run Away From Your Problems

Charlotte Connors moved to Australia from California trying to escape her boring life. When she moved to Sydney she had no idea what was coming, but she was ready. After a while of living in Sydney she meets her neighbor Calum and things finally start to get interesting...
What will happen between Charlotte and Calum? What is the Fanfiction actually about because the blurb sucks? Will she author ever learn how to write good fanfic? Read to find out!


8. Fuck It

Charlotte's POV


I didn't know what to do
Should I go for Calum?

I just sat there for a minute processing everything and well, it was just a game right? It didn't really mean anything RIGHT!?! Whatever, yolo, fuck it, I'm done over thinking. I got up and kissed Calum.

Calum's POV

She kissed me.
Is this real?

I kissed her back. I don't know why it was just instinct. It was probably the most passionate kiss I've ever experienced. It was amazing. Just as  things were heating up Michael coughed making Charlotte pull away. She was biting her lip trying to hide a smile. She crawled back to her place in the circle and we would made accidental eye contact throughout the rest of the night. It got to be 7am and Charlotte had fallen asleep on the couch. We stopped playing and decided it was time to sleep, I carried Charlotte to my room and I let her sleep there. I crawled into bed next to her and pulled her into my arms. She looked so adorable. I thought about today for a bit then I dozed off.


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