You Can't Run Away From Your Problems

Charlotte Connors moved to Australia from California trying to escape her boring life. When she moved to Sydney she had no idea what was coming, but she was ready. After a while of living in Sydney she meets her neighbor Calum and things finally start to get interesting...
What will happen between Charlotte and Calum? What is the Fanfiction actually about because the blurb sucks? Will she author ever learn how to write good fanfic? Read to find out!


4. Frappuccinos

Charlotte's POV




It was the end of my shift on Thursday, I was beat, and still a little hung over from clubbing with Talia and Summer last night. I was about to get out of that place when a tall guy with curly hair and dimples came in. He had a red bandana wrapped around his head and his eyes were hazel just like my one of mine. 


"Is it too late to get a Frap," he asked pointing at my bag, the keys, and a huge lock in my hand. It had been a long day and all I wanted to do was go home; but he looked alright, I made an exception.    


"No not at all, you're lucky you got here now, I was just about to get ready to lock up." I replied. He smiled. His dimples were really deep and adorable.     


"What'll it be?" I asked getting behind the counter.   


"Two Caramel Fraps, a Vanilla Frap, and…"   


He stopped to think looking over at the menu options.   


"What do you think is good," he asked looking at me attentively.   


"Well uhh… the one with the cookie bits  has always been one of my favorites."  


"Alright, I'll get that too."  


He paid and I gave him his change I told him it would be a while.   


"So..." He was drumming on the counter.   


"What's your name," he asked  




He frowned and furrowed his eyebrows  when I said my name, then he spoke. 


"Charlotte Connors?"  


How did he know my name? Who the hell was this guy anyway!?  


Ashton's POV  


She looked weirded out.   


"Umm… yeah," she replied raising an eyebrow.


She looked tense now... Well I guess this confirms the thought that she was weirded out.  I had to tell her I knew Calum. She looked like if she wasn't working on the Fraps she would've run out of the goddamn shop just then.   


"Oh uh. I-I'm not a creep or anything. I uh, I know Calum Hood. We're mates, and he talks about you a lot."  


She chuckled. Thank god she chuckled I was worried she would call the cops or something.   


"I've known Calum for a couple of months and he refuses to let me meet his friends but he still talks to them about me?" She shook her head biting her lip to hide a smile.   


"You must be Ashton," she continued.  


I chuckled softly and but on my best smile.   


"Yep, that's me!"  


Oh my god that why would I say that wtf?! It was so awkward  


Calum's POV   


I sent Aston to get Fraps 20 minutes ago, what the fuck was taking him so long. Maybe he's flirting with Charlotte!? I mean she did work there, and her shift is going on right now. No, no, Ashton wouldn't do that. Hopefully.   


"Have you gotten a text from Ash or anything?" I asked Michael for like the 3rd time.  


He rolled his eyes and yelled,  "JESUS FUCKING CHRIST CALUM! He ISNT flirting with your crush OKAY!? Stop asking about it!! He'll be here any minute."  


Wow, someone was annoyed. Was I really being that annoying?  I mean I wasn't trying to be. Whatever.   


"Sorry, dude."   He just grunted accepting the apology and continued playing FIFA.   


Charlotte's POV     


Ashton and I were having such a good talk as I worked on his Fraps. We talked about bands, TV Shows, and the beach. He told me this story of a time when someone sent male strippers to their house, he even showed me a picture of them. 


"I felt bad for not opening the door," he said with a chuckle.   


"Why," I questioned.   


"They were pretty hot..."   


We were laughing so loud. I swear that the people in the shop next door could hear us. Just as the laughing was dying down, Ashton asked asked a startling question that just killed the mood.   


"Do you like Calum?"   


"Well yeah, obviously! He's like my best fri-"  


He cut me off. Talking in a more serious tone than before. 


"No, not like that. Do you have any feelings for Calum?"  


I didn't know how to answer that. I mean, did I have feelings for Calum? I had just known the guy for a few months. He was cute I guess.   


"Well… I don't know..."  


Ashton's POV  


The café was silent. What the fuck did she mean 'she didn't know'!? She finished my Fraps and handed them over.  We made eye contact, her eyes were beautiful. I especially liked the blue eye it looked like it was a pice of the sky, it was just so blue.   


I stared at her lost in thought.  


"Um… Ash? Are you okay?"   


I blinked a couple of times, startled.   


"W-w-what?" I managed to stutter out.   


She smiled and said,  "You seemed like you were thinking about some pretty deep shit."  


I chuckled.  


"I guess you could say I was," I replied  


"Hmm," she nodded   


Charlotte's POV  


"It was nice meeting you Ash."  


I tried to pull an honest smile.   


"Yeah, It was nice meeting you too."  


I was putting supplies away and gathering my things, when a question popped into my head.   


"Also, I wanted to ask. Are those for the boys?"   


He smiled.   


"Yeah, we're over at Calum's binge watching American Horror Story"   


"Dude! I love that show" I exclaimed.   


Ashton seemed to be thinking again. This time I didn't get him out of his trance and I started walking towards the door. I slightly pulled him towards the door to get him to start walking with me.    


"Are you doing anything important after this?" He finally asked, breaking the  concentration he had.  


"It's 10:37pm," I said checking my phone,"what makes you think I'll be doing anything at this hour?"  


He shrugged.   


"I was wondering if you wanted to watch it with us."  


"Wouldn't you have to ask Calum first?"  


"I'm sure he won't mind," Ashton replied.   


I smiled. Why was I smiling?   


"Okay, I'll go," I said biting my lip trying to hold back the smile.    


We walked outside and I locked up the café. Once I was finished, he put his arm out and I hooked my arm with his. We walked to the house in silence, it wasn't awkward though, just peaceful.   

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