You Can't Run Away From Your Problems

Charlotte Connors moved to Australia from California trying to escape her boring life. When she moved to Sydney she had no idea what was coming, but she was ready. After a while of living in Sydney she meets her neighbor Calum and things finally start to get interesting...
What will happen between Charlotte and Calum? What is the Fanfiction actually about because the blurb sucks? Will she author ever learn how to write good fanfic? Read to find out!


5. Calum's Friends

Ashton's POV     


"What do you think Calum is going to do when he sees me," Charlotte asked sounding worried.    


"He'll freak out," I replied.    


She looked like she was regretting coming.    


I chuckled,"in the good way obviously."     


We got to the house and I knocked on the door. We heard a ruckus going on behind the door. I cringed, it made her giggle. I heard the footsteps getting closer and I signaled for Charlotte to get behind me. Finally, Calum opened the door, he sounded out of breath.     


Calum's POV    


I heard knocking, I was on my phone up stairs so I had to rush down. I saw Luke going towards the door.    


"NO!" I yelled tackling him to the floor.    


He looked terrified. He scurried away towards the couch Where Michel was playing FIFA.  I got up, brushed myself off and answered the door.     


"Where the fuck were you!? You took too long!"    


Ashton stayed silent for a while.     


"Sorry man, I brought you something though."    


He stepped aside revealing Charlotte.     


"Oh my god!" I gasped giving her a hug.    


We hugged for a long time, we broke away when Ashton coughed awkwardly.      


"Are you guys coming inside," Ashton asked pointing towards the door.     


"Uh yeah," I replied holding Charlotte's hand and pulling her inside.    


Charlotte's POV     


Why is he holding my hand? Why am I flustered?! Oh god, do I like Calum!?!    


I walked inside I saw two more guys. One was sprawled over one of the couches, and the other was sitting in the floor hugging his knees. The one on the couch was playing FIFA and attempting to eat pizza whilst playing. It didn't seem to be going very well. The one on the floor was scrolling through Twitter.     


"Hey, Losers! I got the Fraps!" Ashton yelled scaring the one on the couch and making him lose his game.     


"What the hell man," he whined with pizza still in his mouth.     


Ashton and the other boy giggled. I looked over at Calum and he made a face making me chuckle.     


"Who's that?" The one on the floor asked.  


He had blond hair styled up in a quiff, it looked so fluffy. His eyes were pure blue, gorgeous eyes he had. He was wearing mostly all black and he had a lip piercing.    


"This is Charlotte" Calum spoke making me jump. I was so focused on his face I forgot that I was with 3 other people.


"Holy shit, really!?" Couch Boy nearly spit out his pizza.     


The blond laughed and got up off the floor.     


He waved and said "I'm Luke."      


"Helloo" I chirped.     


He started walking towards the kitchen.    


"I'm Michael," the other loudly spoke from the couch winking while reaching over for another slice of pizza.     


"Sup," I awkwardly replied.      


Ashton went to go sit down leaving the Fraps on the coffee table. Luke came back from the kitchen with 2 more boxes of pizza.    


"Want some," he asked.    


"Hell yeah," I replied.     


Michael 's POV     


Charlotte and Calum were cuddled on the couch across from where Luke and I were and Ashton had a couch to himself, that lucky bastard. We took a break in between episodes.    


"So Charlotte," Luke spoke,"why are your eyes like that."    


She looked amused at the question.    


"I don't know exactly but my dad has Green eyes and my Mum has Blue ones. I guess something happened at some point..." She trailed off.    


"Your eyes are fucking awesome," I said,"you don't see that on a lot of people." 


Everyone else agreed.    


"Thanks," she said smiling     


We continued watching and as it got later I looked over at Charlotte and she was already looking really tired.   

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