Gotta Get Out

Falling in love only gets you hurt - and I know that all too well. But there's a little voice in the back of my head whispering:
"What is this one is different?"


6. Chapter 6

Cate's POV


We stayed on the roof to watch the sunset. Luke had his arm around me and I leaned into his chest. It had been a long time since I had been able to rest my weight on someone. I wondered how long it would last.

It started to get dark and Luke kissed my forehead

"Come on babe, I'll take you back to my place,"


When we got to Luke's house I fell onto the couch and almost instantly fell asleep. Luke came to sit with me and wrapped himself around me. I nuzzled my face into the crook of his neck. He sang quietly to me a song called Gotta Get Out, I'd heard Ashton sing it sometimes. I soon drifted off to sleep.


Luke's POV

I sang Gotta Get Out to Cate until she fell asleep. She looked so peaceful when she slept. Finally letting go of the tension she held throughout the day. I held her there and soon drifted off to sleep.


I woke up to hear Cate whimpering. She was still sleeping but she was clealy having a nightmare, she was sobbing and calling out things like "No, no please!  Please stop!" She was shivering like crazy. I kissed her cheek to try and wake her up.

She screamed and sat up.

I put my arm around her and she tensed up and moved away, looking at me with frightened eyes. She clung to her knees. She looked absolutely terrified. I talked gently to her and sang quietly to her. Soon she let me wrap her in my arms and she started to relax, falling back into me. But she didn't fall asleep. I kissed her forehead, she snuggled into my chest, and wrapped her arms around my waist, with mine around her shoulders, protecting her. I noticed how we fit together so comfortably together.

Cate looked up at me and smiled weakly. I kissed her cold lips gently. She was still trembling from her nightmare so I said

"Do you want to watch a movie babe?" She nodded and sat up, but still leaned on my shoulder. I got up to put a movie in and gasped with fright, tears falling unevenly from her blue eyes. I kneeled back down next to her and kissed her nose.

"It's okay Cate, I'm right here. I'm not leaving you," I kissed her cheek. She held my hand until we got too far away. I put the disc in as fast as I could and got back to her. I snuggled back down with her and she looked at me with her bright blue eyes, stained slightly red.

I kissed her then. I kissed her gently but I knew she needed reassurance that I was here. She was tense at the start but soon relaxed and kissed me back.

We watched the movie in silence, occasionally adjusting position or kissing each others noses or cheeks. By the time the movie had finished Cate had fallen asleep. Peaceful once again.

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