Gotta Get Out

Falling in love only gets you hurt - and I know that all too well. But there's a little voice in the back of my head whispering:
"What is this one is different?"


5. Chapter 5

Cate's POV


The next morning I got a text from Luke:

Hey, I had fun last night. can i take u out fro lunch?

I took a breath and put my phone down. Thinking. A moment later I got a text from Ashton saying:

hey, you can trust Luke. Give it a go :)

I didn't know how he knew but I decided that if the universe gives you a sign, you don't question it you just accept it. So I texted Luke back

C: yeah sure

L: Cool meet me at the Lunch Bar @ 1.30

C: c u then

L: c u then :)

I put on a black superman tshirt with a pair of black high waisted shorts and a blue flannel over the top. I wore black lace flats and put my hair in a pont tail.

When I arrived at the cafe I spotted Luke waiting at a table. I went over and sat down.

"Hey," he said smiling

"Hey," I said and smiled.

The waiter came round and collected our orders.

"Look," Luke said looking at you "I just want you to know that i went to Ashton's last night and he told me about your past boyfriends," I sighed

"Look, Luke, I don't need your pity. But thanks for telling me, that was cool." I managed a weak smile. He took my hands in his and said

"I wouldn't hurt you Cate. You have to know that," I took my hands away and rubbed my arm.

"That's what they all say," I whispered. Luke looked at you and sighed.

"So," he said changing the subject "did you sleep well?" he smiled widely

I laughed out loud and shook my head. "Yes, thank you Luke, I had a pleasant sleep," we both laughed.

"Did my kiss help you sleep love?" he smirked

"I don't know," I laughed "maybe," I giggled.

Luke moved his seat round to sit next to me. He pointed to a tall building across the road and said

"You know there's a whole zoo on the top of that building full of little tiny animals?" He laughed.

"Oh really?"

"Yep, and I'm going to take you up their after lunch."

"How will we get up there?"

"My dad works in the building so I get free passes," he winked.

The waiter came round with our orders and Luke and I chatted while we ate. After we finished Luke went inside to pay and I took out my phone. I re-read Ashton's text from that morning and it river-beated in my head.

you can trust Luke. give it a go

Luke came back and I stood up. He took my hand in his and we walked across the road to the tall building. Luke greeted the receptionist and she handed him a red card. We took the elevator to the top floor and walked up the stairs to a door. Luke swiped the card into a machine and the door unlocked. We walked out onto the roof top and I gazed our at the beautiful city skyline. I turned back to Luke and said

"So, where are all the animals?" He shrugged and said

"They must have moved," he smiled. I turned back to the view. I felt Luke's arms snake around my waist and I flinched, tensing my muscles instinctively.

"It's okay, Cate," Luke whispered gently into my ear, I relax my muscles a bit. "I won't let you fall," he says soothingly. I remembered Ash's text: You can trust Luke. Give it a go.

Luke kissed my cheek and rested his chin on my shoulder. You can trust Luke. Give it a go. I turn around in his arms and put mine behind his neck.

"So what's your deal Hemmings?" I asked 

"What do you mean?" he laughed

"I don't know. Who are you? And what are you doing up on a roof top with a girl in a superman tshirt?"

"Alright then," he chuckled "I grew up in West Sydney and my parents still live there. I play guitar and sing in a band and I like to play video games. As for 'what am i doing here with you?' Well, this is why-" he gently pressed his lips to mine. He moved one of his hands to the middle of my back to support me. I tightened my grip behind his neck as we moved with beautiful synchronization. I moved a hand up into his soft, blonde hair. Two phrases were battling in my head:

-I can't fall again. Not again

-You can trust Luke. Give it a go

We gently pulled apart, our faces just centimetres apart. Luke whispered

"Will you be my girlfriend?" I didn't say anything. I listened to the two controversial messages fight and waited to see which won. in the end I trusted Ashton more than myself.

I whispered so quietly to make sure no one but Luke heard what I said because I didn't want to hear myself say it myself,


He closed the gap between us. One of his hands around my waist and the other gently cupping my face. he smiled under the kiss and surprisingly, so did I. It felt good to smile. It felt really good. But there was a small voice in head pleading, please, please let this one be different.


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