Gotta Get Out

Falling in love only gets you hurt - and I know that all too well. But there's a little voice in the back of my head whispering:
"What is this one is different?"


4. Chapter 4

Luke's POV


After I dropped Cate home I drove to Ashton's place. When I got there he opened the door for me.

"What up man?" he asked, slightly concerned

"It's about Cate," I said looking at my feet

"Come in, " he said. I went in and sat on his couch while he leaned on the edge.

"What happened to her Ash?" I asked

"What do you mean?"

"I saw it in her eyes, she's protecting herself, why?" Ashton sighed and sat down next to me.

"About 2 years ago Cate was with a guy called Jason. He was her everything. They got along so well and I really think she loved him. One night Cate and Ellie came round to my door. Ellie was practically carrying Cate, she was so weak and crying her eyes out. Cate said that Jason had proposed to her about a week before but she turned him down saying she wasn't ready. Since then he had been keeping her in the house and hitting her. She had run to Ellie's when Jason was out and they came to me." Ashton looked down and then continued again. "I couldn't stand seeing her like that, Luke. It broke my heart. So when Jason came round looking for her I put all my energy into beating him up and making him pay for what he did to her. I took a few hard blows and Cate was screaming my name. She cared so much that i didn't get hurt because of her. Jason lost in the end and the police came and got him."

I exhaled. Ashton went on.

"Then about a year ago Cate had a boyfriend called Sam. She was reluctant at first, trying not to let her heart get away from her. But eventually she fell for him and they got really close. One night he was out late and Cate got worried. She called him but he didn't pick up. So she went out looking and found him with another girl. She was shattered."

I understood now why Cate's eyes were so jumpy and scared. 

"I promise you, Ash," I said seriously "I will never hurt Cate,"

"You had better not, Luke. Ashton looked at me "You can't let her fall again. Because next time she might not be able to get back up."

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