Gotta Get Out

Falling in love only gets you hurt - and I know that all too well. But there's a little voice in the back of my head whispering:
"What is this one is different?"


3. Chapter 3

Cate"s POV


"Nicely played," Ellie laughed

"I still can't believe he came back," I smiled and looked back at Luke

"Are you kidding? He was all over you," 

I sighed

"I just hope he doesn't play me" I said looking down

"Don't worry love," Ellie said putting her arm around me "I won't let anyone hurt you, never again" Ellie had always been there for me. She and Ashton were the only ones who had been there for me. My parents were always away and they didn't really care anyway, even though they sometimes pretended to. I leaned into her shoulder.

"Hey," I said "Wanna come back to mine?"

"Sorry Cate, my parents want me to have dinner with them. i can't believe their having another kid!" I laughed. Ellie was so mad.

"It'll be okay El" I said as I hugged her goodbye.

I was getting into my car as I get a text 

L: hey its luke

C: hey

L: hav u got plans 4 2nite?

C: nope

L: can i take u out?

C: where were u thinking?

L: its a secret ;)

C: alright

L: gr8 :D

C: but im allergic to chliche dates

L: i'll pic u up at 8

C: u dont know where i live

L: i'll ask ashton

C: c u @ 8

L: c u then beautiful

C: i think im getting a reaction from all the cheesiness

L: thats not even a real word

C: whatever

L: byeeee

C: bye

I drove home and watched on episode of my favourite TV show. I looked at the clock 6:43 I headed upstairs to get ready and got a text from Luke

L: dont wear fancy ok?

C: what do u suppose captain style?

L: just wear what u were wearing today

C: fine but i get to accessorise

L: ??

C: its a girl thing

I added a gold necklace and a ring to my outfit and straightened my hair.

Luke arrived at 8:01 so you went downstairs and opened the door. he was wearing black skinny jeans, a black Greenday tshirt with a red flannel over the top. He had black vans and a grey beanie and his striking black lip ring made him look really hot, but I tried to ignore it. I knew this game: fall for them quick and you hit the ground - hard.

"wow," Luke said "you look really good,"

"Thanks," I giggled "not too bad yourself,"

I stepped out of the doorway and locked my front door. Then we walked to his car and he started the engine. 

"so, where are we going?" I asked a little nervous

"the moon lantern festival at the beach," he said smiling

"Original," I nodded

When we got to the beach Luke parked the car and we bothed walked over and sat on the wall over the sand.

"Did you want something to eat?" Luke said motioning towards the food stalled behind us.

"Mmm, nah, I'm okay," I said, a little unsure

He laughed "I'll get a pizza to share,"

I smiled as he walked off, but then shook myself out of it. don't get ahead of yourself I thought. I looked up at the moon in the dark sky until Luke got back with a green pizza box.

"That smalls really good," I said smiling

"I didn't know what you liked so I just bought Hawaiian." He chuckled

"My favourite," I chuckled

"I also got us a lantern," he said showing it to me, "I hope its not too cheesy,"

I laughed "No, its great, thanks" i reassured him.


Soon the lanterns rose into the night sky and we sent ours up with them. We looked up as the 100s of blue lanterns lit up the sky. I shivered, my sweater was only thin and it was pretty cold outside with the sea wind. Luke put his arm around me but i didn't protest. I leaned against him and it really warmed me up. We sat like that for a while, sometimes talking, sometimes just looking out at the dark waves in silence. 

After most people had gone I sat up and Luke's arm fell away. 

"should we go?" I asked quietly

"sure" Luke said with a small smile. 

He drove me home and when he stopped outside my house he got out and walked me to the door.

I was about to unlock the front door when I heard Luke cough and I looked over at him leaning on the wall with a smirk on his face.

"what?" I said plainly

"Aren't you going to kiss me goodnight?" he asked with big eyes

"No," I said turning back to the door. But Luke was fast and he stood in front of it.

"aw, come one love," he said giving me a fake pout.

I sighed, "You're not going to let me in if I don't?"

"You are correct" he chuckled

I sighed again and kissed his cheek, then I gave him a questioning look.

"Not good enough"

I rolled my eyes and stood on my toes, since he was so tall. I put my cold lips to his warm ones. It seemed to catch him a little by surprise but he relaxed and put his arms around my waist. I wrapped mine loosely around his neck and felt the metal touch of his lip ring. I pulled out out so that his face was centimetres from mine and he exhaled. His breath felt warm and comforting on my face.

"Wow," he breathed

"Can I go inside now?" I whispered. He smirked, took his hands from my waist and let me pass. 

As I closed the door behind me I heard his car drive away and I put my back to the door, sliding down to the cold floor. I put my head on my knees and sighed. The kiss had felt good. And I felt bad for that. I knew I couldn't fall for Luke, I just couldn't. I couldn't get hurt again. But there was a little voice at the back of my head saying,

"What if this one is different?"

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