Gotta Get Out

Falling in love only gets you hurt - and I know that all too well. But there's a little voice in the back of my head whispering:
"What is this one is different?"


2. Chapter 2

Luke's POV


I lined up at the start line as Cate took her shoes off - she said it was easier to run bare-foot on grass. 'Wow' I thought 'shes gorgeous. The blue in her hair makes her blue eyes look really stunning'

"Ready..." her friend Ellie said  "set... Go!"

We sprinted off and I have to admit, Cate was faster than I thought, we got nearly a third of the way and it was neck and neck. Suddenly she tripped and fell. She screamed "LUKE!"

Her scream stopped me and I turned, seeing her on the ground sobbing and holding her ankle, I ran back to her.

"What is it?" I asked bending down to her

"I think I twisted my ankle" she said quietly "Do you think you can help me up?"

I took her in my arms and lifted her up. She wrapped her arms around my neck and whispered "Thanks" as she kissed my cheek, devilishly close to my lips. I watched as she then sprinted off down the track towards the finish line. It took me a moment to realize that she'd tricked me. I ran after her but by the time I caught up she had already won.

My friends were laughing their heads off and Ellie hi-fived Cate. She came over to me laughing and said

"Sorry, you're just so easy to mess with"

"Really? Is that so?" I chuckled

She handed me a piece of paper with a line of numbers on it.

"Here," she said "because you came back and helped," she giggled. She was so cute.

"If I hadn't helped, and I had kept going and won the race, would I still have gotten your number?" I asked

"Well, yeah, you would have won fair and square and I promised you my number if you won." she replied

"So either way i would've gotten it?"

"I guess, but this way I might actually reply." She said with a small smile and I watch her walk off with Ellie. 

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