The choice has to be made


1. chapter #1

Courtney POV

I have blonde hair blue eyes an Leah has brown hair green eyes.

Me and Leah were in the hotel hall and then we saw all of the magcon boys and I sass taylor whisper to Matt. Then taylor wolf whistled at me then all the boys are like zauyuuyyyymmm then one of them came up to me and said you look familiar, I was at magcon I said and Leah was just still the whole time.

Ohh that's right you talked only to Taylor and Matt. Ya those two are the only ones I know because my friend Leah told me.

Ok well do you guys wan. To come to our room the Asian one said.

Uh sure I looked at Leah then at all of the boys standing in front of me. We just need to go get our room key from the front desk then we need to put our bags in our room.

Why were you guys up here then? Well because girls said you were up here so Leah thought that we should come up here. So that's why we are up here.

Ok well we are room 201. K we will only be a minute.

Leah POV

I can't believe I just talked to the magcon boys well I didn't Courtney did. I am deeply in love with Aaron.:)

Courtney and I went to get our room key then we dropped our bags off in the room.

We are now headed to the magcon boys room.

Courtney POV

We arrived at room 201 and knocked, I will get it taylor yelled.

Me and Leah walked in and sat on the ground around where all the boys were. So what do you want to do the DJ asked umm can I learn your names first.

Sure! K I'm taylor the bandana boy said then Matt said I'm Matt. Ok I know you two.

Then they all introduced theirselves



Jack g

Jack j






They all said.

So now what should we do Shawn asked.

Let's play truth or dare Taylor said.

Okay who wants to go first

I will shouted jack g.

Okay Taylor truth or dare?

Umm dare Taylor said with a worried face.

I dare you too......

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