My Special Family

This is a vampire book.
So you think you know a bad family. Well try being me, dad and mom Mia and an uncle who couldn't care less not to mention a basement full of mythical creatures


1. Chapter 1

hat living a life in some guys basement would sound creepy. Well it wasn't as creepy as it sounds. It was for my own protection. My God parents house was inhabited by demons. not just any demons the ones who live forever and were blood sucking idiots. They lived downstairs too. Just if they tried to touch me they would get into huge trouble. So they respected me and understood that if I say get away that meant get away. So I was as safe as I could be for living in a vampire infested house. 
I guess I should make some things clear right off of the ball. The vampires I know don't sparkle or burn in sunlight, the get weak and its hard for them to do anything, but they are still able to act human. Their eyes are either their normal color or black. Unless they are wearing contacts, and yes they can wear them like we do it doesn't burn their eyes or melt or whatever they are said to do in Twilight. They also don't have fangs that drop down nor do they have sharp teeth. Unless body mods are made. I guess the only real differences are they thirst for humans and are corpses. I guess they are hard to tell from a human, unless you know what to look for. I will save that for later though. 
I walked down to the corner of Carmine and Delta street. On the corner there was a small store with apartments above and my place below that I call home. I went into my uncles shop. The store was owned by my uncle and was kept at top condition. The vampires worked to be able to live at the house. Today Henry, Caleb, Sadie, Micky, Nikki, and Nicole were all on duty. 
"Hey Uncle Martin." I called as I walked through the diner. Everyone looked up. 
"Hey Chris. How are you?" Caleb said. 
"Get back to work Caleb!" I yelled and walked through tables. He ran up to me at human speed and picked me up. Spinning me around and then set me back onto my feet. 
"Put my niece down you fool." My uncle said with a smile. 
"Fine." Caleb said. Putting me down. I heard little murmurs through out the shop of the people who were eating. I went over to the stairs and went downstairs with my bag. The rest of the vamps were downstairs some reading, some playing video games, some just messing around. 
"Hey everyone. I am home." I announced myself. Some looked at me hungerly while others waved back. I went into my room and checked my salt lines and other demon traps. I had to hurry and change so I could go up and start my shift. I was loved by the people in the shop. The outfits were simple. A tee shirt that my Uncle provided and khaki shorts. I wore my converse high tops and rushed back up stairs. 
"So what section do I have today, Uncle Martin?" I asked. 
"Well I want you to do Nicole's section, she has been working all day." He said. 
"Nicole. Go ahead and rest I'll take over." I called out. She turned my way and nodded her head. 
"Thanks Chris. I'll take this one and then you can take over, go to Mary to see what I haven't delivered." She said referring to Mary our cook. I got the orders from Mary. Soon my shift was done and so was Caleb's. We both went down stairs and I yet again changed quickly. I went back upstairs and went to the studio down the street. I was ready to dance and sing for the play. We were doing into the woods. I played the part of Cinderella and well Caleb belevie it or not played the part of my prince. Today we were going through all of the songs. We were starting with 'Jack' and 'Little Red Riding Hood's' songs. I loved the Giant song by Jack. The kid who was playing Jack was a kid who frequented the diner, his name was Colby. He was a smaller set fellow with a big voice. Little Red was played by Cindy. I
loved all the songs and dances. Especially 'Agony' that Caleb and David sang. We had wire set ups so David could slightly climb the walls. The animals were also going to be real too. Lets just say the producers of this play are rich. We even have a waterfall that are going to be running. David and Caleb were amazing together and the romance between David and Ciera, or Rapunzel, was very real. Ciera and I ended up very good friends as this process went on. 
"So you aren't together yet?" She asked.
"Nope, I am not going to, because my Uncle wouldn't let me if I wanted to. He doesn't want me to date at all." I said as the director started directing the guys for their songs. 
"Really? You can't date?" She said. 
"It would be a miracle if I could, It wouldn't matter anyways he doesn't like me. I said as the guys were dancing around the stage. Soon It was my turn to go through some songs. When I was up there it was like nothing else. I was so happy it made me almost forget about the fact that when I get home I am not going to be asked how my day was, or even to say that they love me. That was the hardest part not having anyone.

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